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Avionté Web Platform - November 16, 2017 Release Notes

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Aero - Site 1.3.22

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Equifax WOTC

Equifax - an Avionté integration partner - provides a solution that checks employee eligibility for work opportunity tax credits (WOTC). WOTC programs provide tax credit to companies hiring individuals from target groups faced with consistent, significant employment barriers. 


The Equifax WOTC integration is activated in Aero's Admin section.




Once activated, the integration becomes a selection when managing application workflows.




Finally, when an applicant applies to a posted job and WOTC is part of the jobs application workflow, the applicant is prompted to provide WOTC information.



Visit the Equifax WOTC article for more details. 

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In the Talent Module, the Supplier Name now displays as expected on the application acknowledgement page.  


When adding a company and clicking outside of the 'add' window, the window and entered data now remain intact when clicking outside of the window. 


Desired behavior: Branches now reflect the same spacing between rows that QuickViews use or the rows in Application Workflow steps.


When a talent is applying to a job posting and is recognized as a duplicate, the account verification code email is now sent as expected.


After an application has been verified, a user's full name and phone number are no longer viewable when clicking "Back" to the Welcome/General page. This security measure ensures a subsequent user may not view the previous user's personal data. 


The 'document type' and 'document upload' fields now align properly when a user attempts to upload a document in the Company section.


When editing a Company, the Address Zip Code field now displays as expected during a valid entry. 


Talent can now view temp order details as expected in the Posting vertical. 


When signing into the Talent Module, a forgotten username no longer generates a 'Runtime' error. The user is now prompted to re-enter the username. 


When the rich-text editor is used in Talent Module Settings, Application Workflows, Postings, and Job Boards, 'mixed content warnings' are no longer generated when a non-HTTPS image URL is inserted.

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