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Post Avionté Jobs to Indeed

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The popular job board aggregates postings from other sites like the Avionté job board. The processes below explain how to arrange an Avionté feed URL and how to apply it to  your Indeed account. 




  • An Avionté job board
  • Configured postings on an Avionté job board
  • An account



Enable Avionté Jobs to be Published to

  1. Contact your Avionté SAE to activate an Indeed communication URL. 
    • The structure of the URL is  [3-digit company code] (e.g.

  2. Navigate to the Contacting Indeed help article for contact information.

  3. Provide the Avionté feed URL to an Indeed representative.
    Indeed will connect the URL to their system and a communication connection will exist between your Avionté job board and Indeed's job board. When job seekers click on the job on Indeed, the job seeker will apply through the Avionté job board.

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