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Standard Canadian AQ - Canada Statutory Public Holiday Pay AQ

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Report Description

This report is a good resource to crosscheck with payroll before submission.






Parameter Name




Select a branch

Paycheck’s Branch

Start Date

Calendar date


End Date

Calendar date


Employee Name

Enter a specific employee's name or the "%" symbol which retrieves all employees qualifying for this report.


Pay Codes







Report Fields

Field Name


Branch Name The name of the branch.
Employee ID The employee's unique ID.
Employee Name The name of the employee.
Customer ID The customer's unique ID.
Customer Name The name of the customer.
Wages Earned The amount of wages earned by the employee during the date range. 
Holiday Pay The amount of holiday pay paid to the employee during the date range. 
Hourly Rate The hourly rate the employee earned during the date range.
Total Hours The total number of hours worked by the employee during the date range. 
Select Click a box to select an employee's row. 



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