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These are some brief descriptions of the different options/controls for the videos.


Player Controls

Across the bottom of the player window you will find the player controls.
At the left is the Play / Pause button.

At the right are additional controls that may be available while taking the course (available controls may vary by course).

The controls include (from left to right) Rewind, Volume, Closed Captions, Playback Speed, Settings, Fullscreen / Minimize, Move Backward, and Move Forward.


Player Views

Up to four views may be available (available views may vary by course). Select the View icon and choose the view you prefer from the pop-up menu.


Course Overview and Lesson Details

Select the Expand icon to enlarge the Course Overview and Lesson Details which are located below the player.

Scroll down to the bottom of the section to collapse the section, or click the Collapse icon.

The Overview provides details about the course.


The Lesson Details provide additional information about each lesson included in the course, including remaining attempts available and score if applicable.


Navigation Panel

The navigation panel shows the title and status of each lesson in the course. A progress bar showing the percentage complete for the entire course is also visible.


Lesson Status

The lesson(s) with a teal-colored checkmark have been completed, the lesson having the Play icon is the lesson currently in progress, and the lesson(s) displaying a padlock are locked and will not be available until all prior lessons in the course are completed.


Review a Lesson

Should you wish to review a completed lesson, simply click the teal-colored checkmark next to that lesson. You will be asked to verify that you wish to leave the current lesson. Click the Leave Lesson button and the selected reviewable lesson will launch. Click Restart from the player window to review the entire selected lesson.


Close the Player

Click the Close icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to close the player and leave the course.

The pop-up will verify that you wish to leave without completing the course. You will be able to return and Resume or Restart the incomplete lesson that you were last working on.


Return to a Course

From your My Courses page click Resume on the course tile. The player will launch the first incomplete lesson of the course. Select Resume to start the lesson where you left off. Selecting Restart will start the lesson at its beginning.



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