Avionté University General Information and Subscription Accounts

The Avionté Training Department provides training content on the Avionté University site for learners at https://avionte.absorbtraining.com

With the proper credentials, the site can be accessed on an admin level, at https://avionte.absorbtraining.com/Admin/Login

The content consists of narrated walkthroughs, interactive testing, and results in feedback. The content serves as an introduction to new users. Typically, Avionté University use is followed by attending New User Training Courses with a professional trainer using the system and learners asking questions.

Note: The URL used to gain administrative access to Avionté University is different from the regular user URL. Please ensure your users are logging into the correct address.


Complimentary Subscription (during implementation)

All accounts are free during the implementation process and an additional 30 days after a client's live date. To keep any seats after this date, please contact your Account Manager regarding the purchase of a subscription.

User Structure

Avionté recommends the following user structure:

  • One client user will be made Administrator. They have access to user enrollment, and completion reporting, and as such will be responsible for enrolling team learners and keeping everyone on track.
  • Project Leads need to complete Avionté University prior to scope.
  • Regular End Users need to complete Avionté University prior to training.


Responsibilities of the AU (Avionte University) Administrator (Implementation)

During implementation, the Project Manager will request an Avionté University account and administrator credentials for clients.

  1. Instructions and a link to our Admin Instructions sheet are sent to the client's Avionté University administrator.

  2. During implementation, administrators are also pre-enrolled in the courses and can navigate between the two portals using the menu option in the upper-right of each portal.

  3. Learners are imported by the Project Manager. The client administrator may add additional learners and enroll them in Avionté University courses. Learners enrolled but have not started courses within 30 days may be deleted automatically. For this reason, it is recommended that admins add learners only when they are ready to train. Once an account is removed the data cannot be retrieved.

  4. The administrator is able to export learner reports and/or transcripts if a permanent record of learner activity is desired.

  5. When implementation is completed, the administrator will be given the opportunity to purchase an Avionté University subscription at the current rate.
    Note: If the subscription is declined, all learner accounts will be removed 30 days after the client's live date. To purchase a subscription at any time, view the section titled Paid Subscription.


Paid Subscription

Contact your Account Manager to purchase a subscription to Avionté University.

  • Your Account Manager will create a Support Ticket and attach an addendum for the purchase.
  • You will be asked to sign and return the addendum, including the name and email address for your administrator account.
  • The Avionté University account is created, and instructions are sent to your administrator.
  • Allow no more than the contracted number of unique learner accounts per billing period to keep your pricing consistent.



Please contact your Account Manager.


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