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Create your Password
To return to the Learner Portal
Begin / Resume your Course
Forgot Password
Using Avionté University


Create your Password

You should use a Chrome browser and anyone taking CLASSIC courses will need Flash installed on the PC.
When a learner is added to Avionté University an email invitation is sent with the subject: Welcome to Avionté University. The email includes your Username and a link to set your account password.

Note: The link expires in 7 days.
  1. Click the link provided in the email. The Reset Password screen is displayed.
  2. Type a new password, confirm the password, and click the Reset Password button.

  3. You will receive a message that your password was successfully reset. Click Login.

  4. You are provided an opportunity to log in to your account. In the Log In window enter your username and your password.

  5. Click the Login button.
  6. Make a note of your credentials or save them in your browser.

Congratulations, you are enrolled in Avionté University courses and can begin immediately!


To return to the Learner Portal

  1. Use a Chrome browser to navigate to this URL https://avionte.absorbtraining.com/#/login
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Enter the password that you created.
  4. Click the Login button.


Begin / Resume your Course

You can begin your courses immediately after setting your password!
Normally the administrator has pre-enrolled learners in appropriate courses. If you are not enrolled in any courses, ask your administrator to set your enrollment. Additional courses are available from the Catalog.
You may begin your courses. If interrupted, you will be able to return to this page, log in, and resume the course where you left off.

Forgot Password

Administrators are not able to view passwords. Learners who have forgotten their password should click the Forgot Password link on the Login screen and follow the emailed instructions.
If no reset password email is received from Absorb, check the spam folder. The account may have an invalid or blank email address and cannot be sent. It is also possible that the account has been removed for non-use during the past 30 days.
If a user is unable to login or reset their password, their administrator can provide a temporary password.


Using Avionté University

The Avionté University Home page features a dashboard containing frequently used elements as well as a menu in the upper-right containing in-depth elements. Some elements are found on the dashboard and the menu.

  1. To begin your study select the My Courses tile from the dashboard or from the menu.

    You may have access to one, or more categories – depending on your role. The number located at the far right of each category tells you the number of courses included.

  2. Select one of the categories. This launches the My Courses page for that category.

    We suggest beginning with the first course and working your way down the list.

  3. You may change the look of your course selection with the Choose View menu.

  4. Select the Start button from the first course listed.

  5. Continue through the lessons to complete the course. Lessons only become available as the previous lesson is completed. You are not able to skip a lesson.

  6. At the end of most courses you will take a final assessment. 80% is a passing score.
  7. When you have completed this category of courses, click either of the links to return to the My Courses page and continue with your remaining enrollments.

The table below the image defines each of the elements and common usage.

Dashboard:  Menu & Dashboard

The Dashboard: which is also an option on the menu in the upper-right - features quick access tiles to frequently used university elements like Trending Courses, Messages, and the Avionté Knowledge Base.

Courses:  Menu & Dashboard

The Courses option: aka "My Courses" - accesses interactive content or "tests" specific to the logged-in user. The My Courses page displays a set of categories in which you are enrolled. The Show Categories toggle can be switched off to display all of the courses from all categories of your enrollment.

A search field can be used to narrow results, folder or list views are available, and completed courses can be hidden with the Show Completed toggle.

Catalog:  Menu & Dashboard

The Catalog option: provides all courses in which you are enrolled and several additional courses which may be used during implementation. Logged-in, unique users select courses from the catalog and the courses become available in My Courses (described above).

Like the My Courses feature above, Catalog has a search field that can be used to narrow results and a Show Categories toggle to adjust the content display.


Resources: Menu & Dashboard

Resources contain the actual educational content that learners read or watch before completing a course. Documents can be searched then downloaded to the user's PC.


Calendar: Menu

The Calendar option provides a view of live scheduled events (e.g. webinars.)


Transcript: Menu

The Transcript area stores earned certificates that can be opened as a PDF then sent, printed, etc. Any courses that have an associated certificate are featured here along with the status of the course.


Edit Profile: Menu

Username, password, and contact email address can be viewed in the Edit Profile area.


Logout: Menu

The Logout option immediately logs the user out of the system, prompting the Login page to display for a user to log back in.


Resume: Dashboard

The Resume section enables a user to quickly return where they left off in a course.
Click the Resume tile on the Dashboard...


Inbox: Dashboard & Toolbar

The Inbox icon on the Toolbar provides a summary of new messages.

The Inbox section also features a summary view of messages on the Dashboard and an in-depth view when clicked. Users may mark messages as "read" from the in-depth view.


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