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Data Frenzy

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Data Frenzy is an Avionté integration partner providing access to 1000's of resumes sourced through the internet and hard disk. Through an integration, the Avionté application connects to Data Frenzy's available resumes then parses the resume into Avionté. The resume is then used to fulfill temp and DH orders or to just add an employee to the Avionté system for later assignment.

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    Katie Shrader

    "Back to Top" links point to an internal article instead of the top of this article

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    Mandy Krohn

    The information in the "Self-Hosted Web Service Setup" section is inaccurate.
    The only thing that needs to be done is the customer needs to create a folder named DataFrenzyTempFolder with write/read access on the web server, in the following location, C:\Temp\.

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    Mandy Krohn

    We are also missing a setup step:
    For all customers (hosted and self-hosted) Avionte needs to provide DataFrenzy with the customer specific EndPointURL. This can be found in AMP.

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    Mandy Krohn

    Also, under the "Configuration" section, we need to remove references to the following ConfigOptions: UseDataFrenzy & AllowDataFrenzy. These ConfigOptions exist in Avionte, but they are no longer used.

    For the definition of the ConfigOption, "ShowDataFrenzy", I think we need to be more detailed. When ShowDataFrenzy is set to True, a DataFrenzy option will show under Start Page > Actions Dropdown as well as in the AutoMatch screen.

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