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User Info Vertical Panel

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The User Info Vertical Panel contains all information regarding a user's environment and support information. The User Info is only found on the Start Page, and should be easily accessible when calling Avionté Support. 




UserName The name of the current user.
Branch Displays the currently selected branch.
Supplier The supplier to which the user is associated.
DBName Name of the database storing current data.
DBServer The server hosting the current database.
HostName The name of the host 
Version The application version the user is using.
VertexVersion Version of the Vertex data files.
VertexDLLVersion Version of the Vertex integration with Avionté.

The code used by Avionté for easy access to relevant client information.

Note: This is only used in versions 15.1 and newer.


The current environment in which the application is running. Values displayed will be from the following:

Production An environment in live.
Preproduction An environment in parallel.
Stage A stage environment.
Sandbox A testing environment.

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