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Resource Processing

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Note: This product is currently undergoing testing with select clients. A slim-downed version may be available for use in your environment. Please contact your Avionté support team for more information.

Resource processing uses the Resource Processing pane and the Web Onboarding portal to enroll applicants into the Avionté system. Avionté offers up to four stages in the online onboarding system which feed into this pane. Some customers might use a single stage, while other may need to break items into stages that suit them. The following details a four stage system and what items might be present in it.


If resource processing has been enabled for your system the Employee Detail section will include extra fields and the Resource processing review pane.


The additional fields included are as follows:
Field Description
Active Date The date this employee was set to processed in the system.
Professional Category The type of skills this employee maintains.
Resource Stage The stage the current employee is on while completing resource processing through the web portal.
Referral Source How this employee discovered the staffing agency.
Stage Status The status of the current resource processing stage. 


Resource Onboarding Stages


The exact items displayed in each stage might change as they are dependant on your system's setup. One or two steps might only be necessary, however, a four stage system might operate as follows:


Stage One: Application
The first stage is populated after an applicant finishes their application on the provided portal.
  • Select Job Pool (affects Stage 2 & 3)

  • Skills Display

  • Employee address (affects Stage 2 and 4)

  • Have you worked at [Employer] (Affects stage 4)


Stage Two: Contingent Offer
If the first stage is approved and the second stage started, any additional questions based on answers given during the application (e.g. essential job functions, state-mandated consent for deduction) will be asked and the answers displayed for approval.
  • Essential Job Functions (questions change based on Job Pool selected)

  • Consent for deduction (Will display if required)

Stage Three: Orientation
This stage might include tests and forms related to orientation, such as:
  • Safety Quiz (Based on Job Pool)

  • General Aptitude Test

  • Terms of Employment

  • Accident and Injury


Stage Four: Onboarding


The fourth stage takes the applicant through all of the paper work necessary for them to be entered into the system as an employee.


  • I9

  • Federal W4

  • State W4s (If address is in IN, KS, or MI)

  • WOTC (only if they answer they have never worked for Specialized)

  • Direct Deposit

  • Benefits


Job Pool Options


The following are the other available job pool options and what other options will display in each stage when they are selected.


Clerical Job Category


Stage Application


  • Display Industry Experience (if job category is clerical)


Technical & Professional Category


Stage Application


  • Display Industry Experience (if job category is clerical)

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