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Talent Card QuickLinks

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The Talent Card QuickLinks offer a quick connection to frequently needed information such as contact data, profile information, and the individual's resume. 





 Phone QuickLink

If the device has the ability to place a phone call, the supported dial pad displays with the number auto-loaded for dialing.

Note: A "star" icon indicates this is the preferred contact method.



 Email QuickLink

The Email QuickLink generates a new message window from the computer's resident email program. The email is automatically addressed to the talent, but can be edited. 



 Resume QuickLink

The Resume QuickLink downloads the most recently parsed document imported with the document type "resume." The document will be downloaded to the PC in whatever version (MS Word, PDF, etc.) was most recently parsed into the application.





 Profile QuickLink

The Profile QuickLink generates a view of in-depth information about the individual including associated documents and order history. The Profile QuickLink is organized into three tabs categorizing talent information - personal, professional, and confidential. 




A focused article has been created for each of the three tabs. 


Talent Card Profile - Personal Tab


Talent Card Profile - Professional Tab


Talent Card Profile - Confidential




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