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Order Assignment

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The Assignment item of the Order section provides specific information about assignments regarding an order.


The information contained within this section is divided between the four tabs on the right: Basic Info, Schedule, More Info, Pay/Bill History.


Basic Info Tab

The Basic Info tab contains a summary of the assignments that employees are on for a given temp order. 

Order Info



The employee currently assigned to this order.

The > (Jump) button generates a window containing any further information about this employee.


The customer who placed the order containing this assignment.

The > (Jump) button generates a window containing any further information about this customer.

Department The department under which this assignment falls.
Job Title The title for the position filled by this assignment.
Wc Code The workers compensation and skill for this assignment.
Order ID

The identification number assigned to the order for this assignment by Avionté.

The > (Jump) button generates a window containing any further information about this order.

Assignment ID

This is the identification number assigned to this assignment by Avionté.

The > (Jump) button generates a window containing any further information about this assignment.

Field Description
Branch The branch within Avionté that the user has placed this order.
Performance The code denoting the performance of the employee while on this assignment.




Field Description
Date Table The table includes the start and end date.
End Reason A drop-down menu of reasons this assignment ended.




Field Description
Mark Up The price increase applied to the assignment.
Rate Table displays the pay and bill rates for an assignment.




Field Description
User Type Role descriptions of individuals performing tasks for an assignment.
User Specific name of the individual performing tasks for an assignment.


This section allows a user to switch between the assignments for a selected order using the provided controls
Schedule Tab
The Schedule tab of the Assignment item displays the start and end dates of a particular assignment as well as the associated rates of pay and billing.

The cells of the Pay and Bill can be updated to reflect changes to those rates by clicking on the desired cell and making alterations to the data contained therein.


The assignments on which the Employee is currently assigned will be marked as "IsActive".

More Info Tab
The More Info tab records shift and messaging information for the assignment.

Field Description
Shift The title of the shift (e.g. - First)
Time Range (unlabeled fields to the right of "Shift") The start and end times of the shift
Days (check mark boxes) Days of the on which the shift occurs.
Field Description
Arrival Call Designates that the agency received a call explaining the assigned individual arrived to the assignment.
Second Day Call Designates that the agency received a call explaining the assigned individual arrived on the second day.
Weekly Call Designates that the agency received a call providing a weekly status of the assignment.
Ending Call Designates that the agency received a call explaining the assignment ended.


Assignment Info


Field Description
Assignment Type A description of the assignment (Regular, Temporary, etc.)
Split Plan Drop-down menu providing split-plan options in the event the assignment income is shared between agencies.
Agency Drop-down menu selection of agencies sharing in the split-plan.
W2 Indicates whether the assignment requires a W2.



A free-form text field used to record information about the assignment.


Pay/Bill History
The Pay/Bill History tab records the payment and billing information for the assignment. 
The Transaction History grid can be updated by selecting different assignments from the Assignment tab at the bottom of the window.
Grid Column Options
Select the Field Chooser button to configure columns in the grid.
Field Description
BillRate The rate which the customer is being billed.
BillUnit Total number of hours being billed.
ItemBill Total amount being billed to the customer.
ItemPay Total pay for this assignment for this pay period.
Name The name of the type of hours being recorded.
PayRate The rate at which the employee is being paid.
PayUnit Total number of hours being paid.
WeekWorked The date the work week ended for the pay period.

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