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Employee Summary

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The Employee Summary section displays an employee's basic information and a Shortcut menu used to perform quick actions. 



The Summary page contains information regarding Name/Address, Branch/Agency, Status, and Contact Methods.




Field Description
Name The employee's name.
Address The employee's address.
SSN The employee's Social Security Number. 
Record Type The status of the employee's record.
Nickname Alternate name for the employee.
Employee ID The employee's identification number.





Field Description
Branch Name The branch to which the employee is associated.
Agency The agency to which the employee is associated. 
W2 Indicates if the employee has a W2.





The Shortcuts group provides quick access to four actions from the Employee Actions Menu. These can be used to perform common actions on an employee record.





Field Description
Status Indicates an employee's status - Active, Inactive, Processed, Unprocessed, etc. There is not a singular definition of "processed," "unprprocessed," etc. - the status definitions are dictated according to company rules. A status can be configured in Start Page > Actions menu > Admin Tools - Config Choice. 
On Assignment Indicates if the employee is currently on an assignment.



Contact Method


The Contact Method group displays the entered contact methods for an employee. These can be updated in the Employee Detail section.

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