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Payroll Tax Assistance: Packages FAQ

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What is Payroll Tax Assistance?
The Payroll Tax Assistance team is composed of Avionté Tax specialists with significant experience handling tax and payroll concerns for the staffing industry. Purchasing a package allows you to tap into this experience, with continuing assistance from our Payroll Tax team with:

  • Tax filing and payment.
  • Federal and State Reporting.
  • Quarterly/Yearly Reconciliation.
  • W2/SUI/FUTA Completion and filing.
  • And more.
    Note: For a complete list of services provided with a given package level, view their description below.

What do I get with the Quarterly Package?

  • Includes filing returns required quarterly.  

  • Will resolve discrepancies found within previous quarter's payrolls and reconcile balances as possible. 

  • Payroll Tax Assistance team will prepare and file the following returns on a timely quarterly basis:

    Form 941 Verified and completed with your provided information.
    FUTA Deposits for the Quarter in excess of $500 Payroll Tax Assistance team will assist you to, or help complete payment(s) for this process.
    SUI return Payroll Tax Assistance team will create the SUI return and upload the wage detail to the Agency.
    State Withholding report Payroll Tax Assistance team will create this report and file a return as needed.

  • Any additional assistance will be billed on a hourly basis.



What is included in the Weekly Package?
The Weekly Package includes all features from the Quarterly Package. Please note: Payroll processing and the ACH import/export process and uploads are the responsibility of the employer. 

  •  Assisted Payroll services will handle all tax deposits (federal & state).

    Collect and make timely payments to the IRS via EFTPS You will need to provide a PIN and log-in information
    Collect and make timely payments to State agencies You will need to set up a username and password that we share or one for Avionté

  • Complete monthly reporting for SUI. Certain states require a monthly report without payment, for example: IL SUI

  • Report State Withholding Monthly.  This includes:

    • File and make payments for any agencies that require monthly reporting. 

  • Make Benefit Payments

    • You will make live check payments.

  • State Set up

    • Payroll Tax Assistance team will provide guidance on setting up accounts, and review payroll requirements if the employer chooses to expand into new states.

    • Payroll Tax Assistance team will assist you with the set up of the employer/branch in Avionté and with the State agency.

  •  Payroll reconciliation. This includes:

    • This will include exclusive weekly package reports to you detailing what we have paid on your behalf.

    • Avionté will perform data integrity assessments as well as conduct check and bank verification as needed.
Quarterly Summary Summary that displays the total for the quarter such as 941.
Tax Detail Displays Federal liability associated with each processed check date. Includes Schedule B.
State Withholding reconciliation report An improved report exclusive to the weekly package which will display liabilities.
SUI Wage Detail report Displays information for each employee affecting SUI by quarter.
W2 Detail report Displays a spreadsheet of all employee W2 information organized by year.
Local Filings
  • PA - Keystone, Berkheimer
  • W2
  • Local Tax Jurisdiction by employee

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