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The Email Templates sub-tree item allows for a user to manage and view any email templates that they have created, or are shared with their account. These templates are used by both the email Scheduler and Mass Mail.


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Currently there are five email default templates available in Avionté:

  • Time Cards Ready for Approval: An email sent to users with time card approval permissions. It will detail what time cards are available for approval.

  • Missing Time Cards: An email sent to employees if they have an assignment for a week but no matching time card submitted.



All available email templates will display in the upper grids, with a generated preview of the selected template appearing below. This template is not directly editable, but an editing window can be opened by clicking on the Edit button located in that item's row. 


A New Mass Mail or New Template can be created using the buttons available in the Actions menu bar at the top of the section.

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