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Copy Order

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The Copy order option on the Actions menu allows users to copy an order using assignment or order rates.


  1. Select an order from the Open Order grid.

  2. From the Actions menu, select Copy Order. The Copy Order/Assignment window appears.

  3. When copying an order, you can edit the following Date fields:

    • Expected End Date: Date the work for the order is to end.

    • Expected Start Date: Date the work for the order is to begin.

  4. Choose where to copy the assignment rates from, either the Order or from the Assignment.

  5. In the Assignments list, select those employees to copy to the new order by clicking the checkbox (shown to the far right in the example above).

  6. Click Finish.

  7. If there are any warning messages that concern the order being created, they appear on the Data Requirement Message tab. Either correct the warnings and then copy the order again, or click the Continue even with the warnings checkbox, then click Finish. The Copied Order message appears, and displays the new order's ID.

  8. Click OK. The new order appears in the Open Order window. All assignments selected to be copied to the new order will display when that order is opened.

    NoteAfter copying an order you must then access that order and edit its information. If copying from a master order, be sure to edit the information so it accurately reflects the order.

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