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Install a Background Check Plugin

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Before installing a background check plugin, establish a service contract with the background check provider.


For an overview of the process of integrating a background check provider with the Avionté core application, see the Asurint and PeopleG2 articles.




Background Check Plugin Setup Video




Install and Activate a Background Check Plugin

  1. Navigate to  Start Page > Actions > Admin Tools > Category = System. 

  2. Double-click Background Check Plugins

    1. The Background Check Plugins section will display a list of available background check plugins.

      Note: If the requisite plugin does not appear in the list, contact Avionté to request that the plugin be made available in your Avionté system.

  3. Click Install in the Plugin column of the provider's row. When the word "Install" is replaced by the word "Uninstall," proceed to the next step.

  4. In the Owner Name column, find the branch to be set up. Each branch has two rows: one for entering a username, and one for entering a password.

    Tip: Sort the table's column data alphabetically by clicking column headers (Owner Name, Node Type, etc.).

  5. For each branch, find the row in which "username" appears in the Property Description column. Type the username (supplied by the background check provider) into the Custom Value column.

  6. For each branch, find the row in which "password" appears in the Property Description column. Type the password (supplied by the background check provider) into the Custom Value column.
  7. Click Save Settings. Repeat steps 1–4 for for each branch that needs permission to use the plugin.
  8. Click Activate in the Supplier column of the provider's row.

    Note: Activated plugins are now available for use in the Background Check Wizard.




Configure an Installed Plugin for Use

Once a plugin has been installed, add subscriptions to that plugin for the suppliers and branches who will be using that background check provider.


Subscribe a Supplier

  1. In the Background Check Plugins section, click Edit for the plugin that needs to be configured. 

  2. The Select Supplier section becomes accessible, in the lower-left of the screen. Select a Staffing Supplier from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click the Active check box. 

  4. Select Save Subscription


Edit Plugin Settings

To finish setting up the background check plugin, including setting branch permissions and entering usernames, passwords, and package names and IDs, see Asurint Plugin Settings - Set Up Credentials or PeopleG2 Plugin Settings - Set Up Credentials.




More Information

To disable or uninstall a plugin, see Disable or Uninstall a Background Check Plugin.

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