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Admin Portal - Upload a Company Handbook

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A company handbook can be uploaded through the Admin Portal for review by employees through the Employee Portal.

Once a handbook is uploaded, it will be available in the Employee portal under the eDocuments tab.


  1. Log into the Admin portal and navigate to the eDocuments section.

  2. Select the Company Handbook option from the left menu.

  3. Select which branch this handbook will be under.

  4. Click Upload. This will open the file upload wizard.

  5. Select the correct file type from the dropdown.

  6. Click Choose File to select the desired file. Once selected, click Open.

  7. Click Upload, and the document will appear under the submission area where it can be viewed and deleted.

Note: The default maximum size of a document that can be uploaded is 15 MB. If it is found this value is not large enough, contact Avionté for assistance.


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