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Employee Extra

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The Extra item of the Employee section is used to record auxiliary data in various categories regarding the employee.





Employee Extra can be used to record information about how an employee learned about the company.


Add Referrals in Avionté

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Front Office > Employee > Extra sub-menu

  2. In the "Enter New Here" panel, click the field under the "Label" category.

  3. Click the drop-down menu and select Referral Source.

    Note: The drop-down menu icon will appear when the cursor hovers over the field.

  4. Press Tab to move to the "Value" column.

  5. Select the applicable referral source from the drop-down menu.

  6. Press Tab to save the changes.

  7. The updated referral information will appear under "Category: Marketing" in the main panel. 



Add Referrals in the Applicant Portal

  1. Log into the Admin Portal.

  2. Select Interview from the Menu bar.

  3. From the "Select Page" drop-down menu, select Interview.

  4. Click the New Question button, the "Question Detail" window displays.

  5. Enter the information into the following fields:

    Field Description
    Question Type Select Dropdown. The applicant can only choose one answer.
    Description This is an uneditable field that describes the above choice.
    Category This is a freeform field that describes what category this question belongs to (i.e. Employee Interview). 
    Sort Order Select the placement within the series of questions asked.
    Related Config Choice Select EmployeeExtra | Referral Source from the drop-down.
    Question Enter the question that will appear to applicants (i.e. How did you hear about ABC Staffing?).
    Value List Populates the answers that applicants can choose from. (i.e. Website, Referral, Job Fair, etc). 
    Required Check this box to make this question required for applicants to answer.
    Show on Web Check this box to make this question visible on the survey.

    Select the branches that will include this question in the survey.

    Note: Check "Select All" to select to include this question for all branches.

  6. Click Add to add the question.

View all Referrals
A Referral Source Advanced Query (AQ) is the best way to see all referral information. For more information on Advanced Queries, see Advanced Queries.

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Report > Reports

  2. In the "Report Category" panel, select Advanced Query.

  3. From the list of titles, choose Referral Source.

  4. Select query values and click the Run Query button.



ACA Functionality in Employee Extra

The Employee Extra page is used to override ACA data for an employee. For example, if an employee is part of a group that is offered a specific insurance package, but the employee has a circumstance that requires an insurance package different from the group, the Employee Extra page can be used to change the package for just that employee. 


Visit the 1095-C Part II Overrides article for full details. 

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