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Customer Sales & Service

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The Sales & Service section is designed to assist customers that utilize a sales staff. This area can be used to track information about sales calls and service communications with customers. 


The Sales & Service section is divided into two tabs which are located at the far right of the main pane.


Sales Info Tab

The Sales Info tab in Customer Sales & Service is designed to store and organize information about completed and potential sales.



Sales Info Section

Field Description
Sales Level Indicates the customer's level of interest.
Sales Notes Record any explanatory commentary regarding the customer.

Other Info Section

Field Description
Industry Code Indicates the industry in which the customer operates.
Customer Type The sort of operation that the customer runs (i.e. franchise, regional, etc.).
Competition Identify the customer's main competitors.


Lead Info Section

Field Description
Lead Source Indicates where the lead that resulted in customer contact came from.
Description Enter any clarifying data regarding the lead here.




Service Info Tab

The Service Info tab in Customer Sales & Service is designed to store and organize information about ongoing customer service activity.


Service Info Section

Field Description
Check Delivery The method by which the customer administers checks to employees.
OT Plan

Indicates the specific overtime plan used by the customer.

Visit the Overtime Plans and Work Schedules article for a list of available OT plans.

Service Note Commentary regarding the customers service information is recorded here.
Mileage Rate The rate at which employees are reimbursed for travel.



Payroll Section

Field Description
Weekend Day The day of the week on which the pay period ends.
Pay Period Frequency at which payments are issued.
Pay Cycle Select the pay cycle from the drop-down menu.
Certified Payroll Indicates that the customer's payroll is certified (typically required for publicly funded construction contracts).
Generate Daily Time Entry

Select the check box to require daily time entry.

Note: This prevents employees' hours from being entered in Time Entry > Sheet View.

Create Transactions by Month

Check this box if this customer uses exact month billing. This checkbox activates the exact month billing process. This feature requires daily time entry, so the Generate Daily Time Entry box must be checked to activate this option.

Daily Pay Option Select an option from this drop-down to determine how the system assigns a Week Worked date for Daily Pay. If you will be paying employees the same day that they work, Avionté's best practice is to select Current Week which will record payment for today's date. Using the Open Week option will use the Accounting Period dates, paying the employee following the second work week.



Options Section

Field Description Additional Information
Skip Weekly Call Check the box to indicate that the customer does not want to receive a call every week. This will affect the number shown in the Weekly Calls and My Weekly Calls counters.
Skip Assignment Ending Call Check to show that the customer does not want to be called at the end of an assignment.  
PEO Indicates that the customer is a Professional Employment Organization.  
Use Time Clock Indicates that the customer uses the web-based time clock.  
Web Option The Web Option button displays the Web Portal Property window, which enables the alteration of web properties. (see below).  

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    Sean Ree

    Pay Cycle Select the pay cycle from the drop-down menu.
    Here there are options; if BiWeekly is chosen as the Pay Period, the Pay Cycle dropdown is given the possible values of 1 or 2. It would be nice to have an explanation of what these mean. It would be good to have an explanation of what the values in Pay Cycle mean if a different Pay Period is chosen, too. Basically please expand the Pay Cycle explanation to include the values that can be chosen. Thanks.

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