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Customer Agency

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The Agency item of the Customer section displays data regarding a particular staffing agency and their associated fees.


An agency can be selected from the drop-down menu of the bottom-most cell of the Agency column.


Agency Fee

The agency's fee can be expressed as percentage by keying in the percentage amount in the corresponding field of the AgencyFee column.


  • Agency Fee is available in report form via the Comprehensive Customer AQ 
  • Agency Fee is a percentage applied to the order rate. The Agency Fee determines how much the agency pulls from the order value and determines the pay rate for the assignment. For example, the calculation we use for Assignment Pay Rate is...
    ( orderrate billrate * ( 100 - AgencyFee ) )  / 100 

    If an order rate is $40/hr and the Agency Fee is 15%...
    (40 * ( 100 - 15 ) ) / 100 = 34


The assignment rate is $34/hr.



Jump To Button

To view more information about the agency click the Jump To button on the far right of the row. This will navigate you to the Summary item of the Agency section that corresponds to the specific agency selected.

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