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Order Candidates

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The Candidates section of Temp Order contains all of the information about candidates that were matched to a selected order. 






Add Employee

Field Description
Add Current Employee Adds an employee to the list of candidates below. An employee must be selected through the LookUp feature (below) beforehand.
LookUp In the lookup fields a user can select a criteria to search for and enter a value to search by. A list of results will populate in the drop-down menu, highlight a result and click the Add Current Employee button to add a candidate to the grid at the bottom of the page.

Field Description
Select All Placing a check mark in this box selects all of the candidates below.
By Status The drop-down menu features statuses of employees that will filter the list below. Place a check mark in a status box to include employees that meet that status.
Status Set the status for candidates in the lower grid. Any candidate with a check mark next to it will receive the status when the "Set" button is clicked.
Note: If an email template has been set for a status, an email prompt will appear.

Grid Column Options
Select the Field Chooser button to configure columns in the grid.

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