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Candidates Overview

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Candidates are talent that qualify for an order or have applied to an order from an Aero job board. While Talent refers to a pool of all people, Candidates refers to the specific subset of Talent that are qualified and/or have applied to a specific order.


In Recruiter module, recruiters can see a list of talent cards/candidates that have been associated to an order, as well as add new talent as a candidate for an order. 


Note: In many instances in Aero, an element that has been engaged is blue. An element that is available is green.



Candidate Management Video

A walk-through of basic candidate management in Aero.



Candidates Quicklink

To view candidates associated with an order, first find that order under the Order page. Then select the Candidates QuickLink—the  icon—to view Candidate Cards for candidates associated with that order. 





Candidate Card

A Candidate Card displays a quick, simplified view of information about each individual talent. Each Candidate Card features dynamic QuickLinks and QuickViews that provide further details about the talent.



For more information about Candidate Cards, see the Candidate Card help page.


Note: In the Candidates view, an Order card's Candidates icon—  —is automatically changed to a "Back" button— . Select  to return to the previous Orders page.





Current List

The default view shows the Current List of candidates associated with the order. These are the candidates the recruiter has selected for consideration for the job and have applied to the job from the Aero Job Board.



Click the Auto Match button. Then, click  in the Candidate card and choose Add as candidate to order




Auto Match

The Auto Match view auto-generates a list of other potential candidates that are not already selected as candidates. The Auto Match feature pulls potential candidates from the agency's entire talent pool that are determined to be matches based on their competencies, other qualifications, and Avionté skills. 



To add auto-matched talent as a candidate for an order, click the Auto Match button. Then, click the Order Actions menu, , in the Candidate card and choose Add as candidate to order


Relevancy Indicator

Candidate cards displayed in the Auto Match view features a Relevancy Indicator on the upper-left of the card. 


Candidates possessing a high number of the required qualifications specified in an order will display more indicator bars than a candidate less qualified to fill the order. 


The list of suggested candidates is ordered based on relevancy—the candidate with the most matches to the order appears at the top of the Auto Match list.




Add Candidate to Order

To choose a specific candidate without generating search results based on relevancy, the Order Actions menu, , in the Order card features an "Add candidate to order" option.  




From the Actions menu, select Add candidate to order and enter the name of the candidate into the window's search field. As text is entered, candidate names that match the text will be included in the list. Choose the appropriate candidate from the list, then select Add.


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