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Invoice Corrections - Recalculate Sales Tax

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Note: As of version 13.2, the Invoice Correction window no longer includes a separate Recalculate Sales Tax function. The recalculation automatically occurs when processing corrections or clicking Finish on the Invoice Correction window.

The following describes how to correct sales tax amounts for an invoice when there are changes due to bill unit corrections, changes in pay rates, or other transaction type changes in back office.

Note: Other changes or corrections to the invoice, such as change of processing method, must be performed through Process Correction.

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Back Office > Invoice.
  2. Search for the invoice that needs to be recalculated.

  3. Choose Invoice Correction from the Actions menu, or else the Invoice Correction shortcut if available. The Invoice Correction window appears.

  4. Click the Recalculate Sales Tax button. The New Billing Batch window appears.

  5. Click on the Description box and enter a description of the tax recalculation.

  6. Click Finish. A confirmation message will appear to indicate the correction is complete. The message will prompt to continue with the merging process. 

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