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Asurint is an employee screening service and background check provider that can be integrated with the Avionté core application. Asurint is supported for Avionté versions 14.2.2 and later.

Asurint Demo Video



Asurint Background Check Types

The following background checks are available for use with the Asurint background check plugin. 

Note: This list is subject to change. Additional background checks may also be available on request from Asurint. 


  • SSN Verification/Trace
  • Civil History
    • County
    • Federal
  • Criminal History
    • County Court Criminal
    • State Criminal
    • Sex Offender
    • National Federal Criminal
    • Department of Corrections
    • Patriot Act (includes over 40 domestic and international agencies)
    • International Criminal
  • Credit History
    • Employment
    • Tenant
  • Personal References
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Driving Record (Motor Vehicle Report or MVR)


After the customer and Asurint determine which background checks are necessary, Asurint will create personalized package(s) containing these background checks. Asurint will then give the customer configuration information for these packages for entry into Avionté. This information will include credentials like username, password, Package ID, and Package Name. The customer may have multiple packages containing different background-check combinations.


Asurint will display a warning if an employee has already been screened within the last 30 days. To override this warning, please contact Asurint. 



The following steps give an overview of the process of integrating Asurint with the Avionté application.


Set Up a Contract with Asurint

Before integrating Asurint's employee screening service with the Avionté software, a customer must have a service contract with Asurint. 


Request the Plugin from Avionté

Prior to installation, contact Avionté to request that the plugin be made available in the Avionté core application.


Set Up Asurint Plugin

Avionté-hosted customers

When Avionté-hosted customers request the Asurint plugin, the Avionté Technical Services department performs the necessary setup. Once Avionté Technical Services has set up the Asurint plugin, continue to Configure Admin Tools.


Self-hosted customers

Self-hosted customers should install and activate the Asurint plugin.

  1. For information on adding the plugin files and updating associated config files, see the Asurint Plugin Guide for Self-Hosted Clients.

  2. Then see Install a Background Check Plugin and Asurint Plugin Settings - Set Up Credentials.

  3. Once the plugin is installed and activated, continue to Configure Admin Tools.  


Configure Admin Tools

Admin Tools: Config Options

Open Admin Tools (Ctrl + L, or go to Start Page > Actions menu and click Admin Tools). Then click System Config Option. Configure user settings according to the data in this table:


Config Option Property (in User > User_UserSetting)



Activates the link to see the full background check report on Asurint’s platform. Set to True for those who should have access to the report, and False for those who shouldn’t.

True: User will be able to view the returned report.

False: User cannot open and view the returned report. User will be able to see only that a report was returned. 


Determines whether to display a red notification at the bottom left of the core application when results are returned. Set to True to show, and False to hide.

True: An alert will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the user's window when a background check requires attention.

False: No alert will appear.


Allows users to change the status of the background check from Action Required to Completed. This will remove the background check from the red notification at the bottom left of the screen.

True: User will be able to mark a background check as Completed after it has been viewed.

False: User will not be able to change the status of a background check request.



NoteFor help with Config Options, visit the Admin Tools: Config Option article.



Admin Tools: Form


Configure the core application's Main Menu so "Background Check" is displayed as an Employee sub tree item. Open Admin Tools (Ctrl + L or in Start Page > Actions menu). Then double-click Form. Within Front Office Employee, find the Background Check submenu, and set view permissions as appropriate.


NoteFor help, visit the Admin Tools: Form article.



Submit a Background Check Request

With the plugin installed and configured, users can now perform Employee Background Checks.




Asurint Background Check Prerequisites

A background check request will not work if certain fields on the employee's record are not completed. Ensure that the following fields are completed in the Avionté application.


Required on all Asurint packages

To enter this information, see

First name (given name)

Employee Detail

Last name (surname)

Employee Detail

Social Security Number (SSN) or Social Insurance Number/SIN (Canada)

Employee Detail

Address, including
    Address line 1
    State or Province
    Country (PeopleG2 only)
    Postal code

Employee Detail

Date of Birth (DOB)                                
Format as MM/DD/YYYY

EEO Wizard


EEO Wizard



Required on Asurint MVR search products

To enter this information, see

Driver's license number

Employee Certifications

Driver's license issuing state or province

Employee Certifications



Required on Asurint Education Verification products To enter this information, see
School name Employee Education - Institution

School city

Employee Education - City
School state or province Employee Education - State
Degree type earned Employee Education - Degree
Graduation date Employee Education - End Date



Required on Asurint Employment Verification products To enter this information, see
Company name Employee Past Jobs - Customer Name
Company city Employee Past Jobs - City
Company state or province Employee Past Jobs - State
Job title Employee Past Jobs - Job Title
Start and end dates Employee Past Jobs - Start Date, End Date
Supervisor name Employee Past Jobs - Supervisor


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