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Mobile Sales Application

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Deprecated Functionality

The Avionté Mobile Sales Application has been deprecated which means it is in the process of being discontinued. Though it is still in use by some clients, the functionality will receive no further development and will not be offered to new clients


Eventually, the functionality will be removed. Avionté provides a web-based solution to replace, and improve upon, the functionality offered by the Mobile Sales Application. Please contact your Strategic Account Executive to learn more. 




The Avionté Mobile Sales app allows access to key sales data and contacts from a phone or tablet.

The Mobile Sales app:

  • Displays daily appointments, detailed tasks, and calendar items directly on the start screen.

  • Quickly accesses customers, leads, and contact information in the app’s navigable menu items.

  • Prioritizes tasks and communications and adjusts lead sales levels.

  • Accesses key information immediately.

  • Provides contact addresses via an embedded map.

  • Enables single-tap phone numbers or email addresses to place a call or email a contact.

Note: The Mobile Sales app does not support Orders and Order Management at this time.


To install the Mobile Sales app on a mobile device:


  • Visit the iTunes Store to install the app on an Apple device. Note: Requires iTunes software download.

  • Visit the Play Store to install the app on an Android device.

To set up the Mobile Sales app, see Mobile Sales App Setup



The video below provides a demonstrated walk-through of the Mobile Sales Application. 





The Home page displays recent information.

Field Description
Announcements Any announcements that have been set up within the Avionté core application will display here until they expire.
Appointments Appointments scheduled for the day display here. Tap the Appointments header to go to the Calendar section.
Tasks The current day's and overdue tasks will display here. Tap Tasks header to navigate to the Tasks section.
Messages The three most recent messages by date display in this section. Tap the Messages header to navigate to the Messages section.





The Customers page records, searches, and displays a list of customers.

Note: A customer will be shown in the Customers section only if the Config Choice property Customer Status > IsLead is set to False. Otherwise, the customer will be displayed in Leads. 

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