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Peoplenet FAQ

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Who can I contact about Peoplenet support issues?

Specific issues with the Peoplenet integration Contact Jay Curnin at Peoplenet
General questions about Avionté integrations Contact your Avionté Client Manager





How do I insert the integration key?

Navigate to Avionté Start Page > Actions menu > Admin Tools > Peoplenet Time Clocks section to insert the integration key.

For details on how to configure the Peoplenet integration, visit the Peoplenet Overview help article. 






How do I check the status of the integration key?

The status of the integration key will go from Pending to Valid in the status field once Peoplenet validates the key.





What do I do if the integration key status is still Pending?

First, try clicking the Check Status button again. It may take up to 5 minutes for the key to be ready for validation. If the status still does not update, provide Avionté with your integration key and company code for troubleshooting.






How do I get assignments to appear in the assignment screen?

Assignments are generated as a standard process in Avionté. Assignments will populate in the Assignments tab in the Peoplenet Time View window from Time Entry > Home > Actions > Show Peoplenet Time View.

Assignment statuses will display according to the user's branch settings and will display assignments sent based on the date range filter selected. The grid will not populate with any assignments sent prior to the customer being activated.





How do I manually resend an assignment?

The Peoplenet integration has an automatic feature where assignments sent to Peoplenet are resent nightly while the assignments remain active. This is to ensure new assignments or any modifications to existing assignments will be sent to Peoplenet. Note any assignments that were done while an integration key was not active for the order will not be picked up or reset. By default, this send happens in a nightly sweep that occurs once per day configured through Avionté Agent. However, if assignments need to be resent before the nightly auto-send, the current assignments must be ended then re-initiated. This can be done by individually ending an assignment, or from the End Order Assignment action menu option to end more than one assignment at a time.





How do I check the status of an assignment?

The assignment status can be checked from the Peoplenet Time View Window which is opened from Time Entry > Home > Actions > Show Peoplenet Time View. Once the window appears, the first tab is the assignment tab, which has a status column indicating the status of the assignment. The customer can expand on the assignment to check if there are error messages displayed.


For more information regarding the Peoplenet Time View section, visit the Peoplenet Overview help article.






How do I search the status of an assignment sent in the past?

From the Peoplenet Time View window, set the filter in the upper right bar in the window, and click refresh to display assignments and their statuses on the grid. 






How do I check errors for the assignment?

The assignment error messages can be displayed by expanding on the assignment from the + sign next to the assignment number on the Assignment Tab of the Peoplenet Time View. There may be additional errors on the Messaging Errors tab in this window if there is a setup issue.






How do I check if a payfile is received?

The client received the file if the payfile is listed in the Imported - Pay Files tab in Time Entry > Actions > Show Peoplenet Time View. The Date Sent column indicates whether or not the date the file was sent to Avionté by Peoplenet.






How do I check for payfile errors?

Any errors will display on the grid in the lower half of the Imported - Pay Files tab in Time Entry > Actions > Show Peoplenet Time View. System setup errors with the integration are found on the Messaging Errors tab.






Will errors be removed from the Error Messages tab?

Errors can be filtered out by timeframe, but they are never fully removed. The default time frame to display data is 2 weeks.






What kind of warnings are in place to help the user manage time entry?

A pop-up reminder will acknowledge which accounting period the user is in when attempting to process the pay file.


The number of unprocessed pay files appears on the Time Entry Home page in the Messages section. There will be no hard stop if there is a pending pay file that has not been processed. The user may want to process that time in another accounting period.






What is the difference in the message error tab from errors on other tabs?

The message error tab is a comprehensive space displaying assignment, pay file, and agent errors.






How will time display when imported?

Whether time is weekly or daily, the units will display summarized in sheetview and in the cardview.






Where are assignment updates displayed?

Updates will be handled through the Avionté Agent, which is the back-end manager of file update transmissions. Updates will be displayed when the pay file is returned with approved time. Updates will not be on the interface.






How does the file import behave with different OT plans once processed?

The payfile transmits units back as the regular standard Federal OT plan. When imported, the Overtime plan associated with that assignment will correctly allocate the hours to Reg or OT.

For example: Client sets order up with no overtime plan.

Payfile returns 9 units in one day as 8 Reg and 1 OT. When imported, the file will translate the OT units back to Reg because there is no overtime plan. This will display in sheetview and cardview as 9 units of Reg time.






Do continual assignments stop passing to Peoplenet when Exclude Order is marked on the Order Detail?

Yes. New assignments will not pass to Peoplenet once Exclude Order on the Order Detail is marked. Previously created assignments will not resume sending if Exclude Order is removed on Order Detail.





How do integration keys work?

Typically, one integration key is activated for all suppliers with customers using Peoplenet Timeclocks.

Integration keys can be issued per database in the event that the Avionté client's employees are being assigned and time approved via another database.





When are ended assignments dropped from the Peoplenet clock?

If the assignment end date is in the current or future date, the employee will not be dropped until the pay period ends.





When are payfiles sent back to Avionté?

When punch times have been approved and the clock has been closed, the payfile will transmit to Avionté.





Will the assignment file pass unique pay codes such as Holiday Pay?

No. Avionté's standard product and the new integration will only pass pay and bill rates for Reg, DT, and OT. We do not pass transaction types, but we do receive them back if Peoplenet created them on the clock. These transaction types are received back on the pay file as long as they are mapped into the Avionté Import/Export section where pay code mapping occurs.





Can you re-run the same pay file into time entry once the entire pay file has been processed?

No. However, processing the pay file only generates the time entry batch. The user can still copy transactions and make edits from within that batch if necessary. The only exception would be in the event the entire batch could not be processed due to an error with the transaction(s). Avionté will process all acceptable transactions and place them into a new batch. You can continue to attempt to process all remaining transactions once any errors have been corrected. This will create a separate time entry batch that encompasses the remaining transactions.



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