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DH Order - Documents

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The Documents item of the DH Order section allows you to record documents that are pertinent to the order. 

Note: With the exception of ".exe" and ".dll," most document file types may be uploaded to Avionté Documents pages.
Add a Document
  1. Choose the type of document to attach by selecting it from the drop-down menu of the bottom-most cell of the Type column.

    Note: The options in this drop-down will be set by your site administrator.

  2. Click the Upload button to search the computer's folders for a document to add to the order.

    Once the document has been uploaded, the previously saved name of the document will be displayed in the File Name column.

  3. Display the document by clicking the Open icon. This will open the document in a new window.

  4. If email integration has been setup for Avionté, click the Email icon to email the document. 

  5. Enter special messages regarding the document into the appropriate cell of the Note column.

  6. Select an expiration date for the document by clicking the corresponding cell of the Expiration Date column.

The Date Entered cell will auto-populate the date the document was put into the system.

The Entered By cell will auto-populate the name of the user who entered the document into the system.

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