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Mobile Sales App - Setup

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To install the Mobile Sales app on a mobile device:
  • Visit the iTunes Store to install the app on an Apple device. Note: Requires iTunes software download.
  • Visit the Play Store to install the app on an Android device. 

    Note: In order for a user to log in to or use the mobile app, the Avionté Suite API needs to be installed. Visit the Integrations - General section for articles explaining how to set up the Avionté web service. 

Set Up a Mobile Sales App Account

  1. Open the Avionté desktop application.

  2. Open Admin Tools (Ctrl + L) and navigate to System Config Option.
    1. Set usr_act_MobileAdmin to Active for yourself. This step allows you to see the Mobile Administration option in the Start Page > Actions menu.
    2. Set AllowAccessMobileAdmin to True for yourself. This step authorizes you to grant users permission (within the Mobile Administration window) to use the Mobile Sales app.
  3. From the Start Page, open the Actions menu and select the Mobile Administration option. Grant yourself (and any other users) access to the mobile app.

  4. Access the Web Login User Account Wizard and set the "Web Role" to Sales for each Mobile Sales app user.

  5. Open the mobile app and enter your credentials into the login screen.




Customer and Lead Configuration

Whether a customer appears in the Customers or Leads section depends on the Config Choice property CustomerStatus > IsLead. IsLead must be set to True for a customer to appear in the Leads section. Conversely, IsLead must be set to False for a customer to appear in the Customers section.

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