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Onboarding Portal Setup

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The following are the configuration options for the Onboarding Portal. Self-hosted customers should query the Advanced Setup section for more information.

Advanced Setup (Self-Hosted Customers Only)

This setup is included in all 14.1 upgrades. It may, however, be necessary for a self-hosted client to set this up on an individual basis.
Note: We recommend the use of IIS manager to make these changes.

  1. The Avionté API should be installed on your server.

  2. All Onboarding files should be moved onto your server.
    Note: We recommend that they are on the same (sibling) level of the API

  3. .NET 4.5 should be installed.

  4. A website with a valid certificate needs to be present. This is the same with all Avionté portals.

  5. An application pool should be set up
    • .NET CLR version: V4.0

    • 32bit application enabled=true

    • Load User Profile=True

    • Identity set to user that has DB access.

  6. Select "Add Application". This can be done though the right-click menu after selecting the site.
    • Alias: set to "onboarding".

    • Select the Application Pool created above.



Customizing the Onboarding Site

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    Steve J

    "With the onboarding site, all full page configuration is done in SQL. There are a few options that are available to customize how some items will display in the onboarding portal. To turn a page off, a SQL statement must be applied. Contact your Customer Experience team for more information."

    Could this be a bit more detailed? Who is the owner of these changes, and can example statements be given?

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    Kevin Tompkins

    A useful addition to this would be that the Applicant-facing branch name can be edited in the Branch Administration > Site Description (under site info). If the staffing company uses more cryptic names for branches, such as an acronym, they can change how the site name appears on the Onboarding Portal so it is clearer to an Applicant.

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