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New Contact Wizard

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The New Contact Wizard can be accessed from these Actions menus:
  • Contact
  • Customer
  • Temp Order
  • DH Order
Grant permission to create new contacts with the AllowCreateNewContact config option. Visit the AllowCreateNewContact Config Option help page for information.

The New Contact Wizard is separated into groups - Contact Info, Customer/Agency Info, Contact Method, and Address.
Populate the fields in the groups according to these definitions:
Contact Info Group
Salutation A formal greeting for the contact
First Name The contact's first name.
Middle Name  The contact's middle name.
Last Name The contact's last name.
Status The contact's current status - Active, Inactive, etc.
Customer/Agency Info Group
Customer/Agency Radio buttons indicating whether the contact is associated to a customer or an agency.
Customer/Agency Name The company name of the customer or agency.
Department Name The specific department within the customer/agency to which the contact is associated. 
Branch The specific branch within the customer/agency to which the contact is associated.
Contact Role(s) The contact's role at the customer/agency.
Contact Method Group
Contact Method  Available methods of contact for the individual.
Contact Method Value The specific value according to the chosen method. i.e. - If "Cell Phone" is chosen as the contact method, the value should be a 10-digit phone number.
Contact Method Table Displays the saved contact methods for this individual.

Address Group
Country The country in which the contact works.
Street 1 The contact's work street address.
Street 2 The contact's work street address.
City The city in which the contact's work address is located.
State The state in which the contact's work address is located.
Zip Code The zip code in which the contact's work address is located.

Click the Finish button to save the contact.

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