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The DNA (Do Not Assign) option of the Actions menu allows for you to select employees who should not be assigned to a specific Customer. Selecting the DNA option from the Actions menu of the Employee section or the Shortcut group displays the Employee Customer DNA wizard.
The Employee Customer DNA wizard is separated into groups. The fields display information or can be populated according to the definitions below.


Customer Info Group

The Customer Info. group displays the following uneditable data:

Field Description
Customer Name The name of the currently selected Employee.
Customer ID Identification number associated to the current Employee.
Department Name Name of the currently selected Employee dept.
Branch Supplier branch attached to the current Employee.
Address Address of the current Employee.

Add New DNA Group

Field Description
DNA Type This field will default to CustomerDNAEmployee when accessed through the Employee section.
Employee Select the employee that should not to be assigned to the Employee.
Comments Indications as to why the employee is assignable can be entered here.
Apply to all departments Check this box to indicate if the "do not assign" applies to the Employee's departments.



When an employee is marked as DNA from the Employee record (Employee > Actions menu > DNA), the employee is listed in the EmployeeDNACustomer area of the DNA window. 



When a customer is marked as DNA from the Customer record (Customer> Actions menu > DNA), the employee is listed in the CustomerDNAEmployee area of the DNA window. 

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