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Admin Tools: Background Check Plugins

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In Admin Tools, the Background Check Plugins section provides management capabilities for the background check plugins available for your system.


The following background check providers are currently supported within Avionté:
If you are not yet integrated with one of these providers, contact Avionté to request the necessary integration to your system. See also the process overviews Asurint Background Check Integration and PeopleG2 Background Check Integration.

The Background Check Plugins screen is divided into three distinct sections—Background Check Plugins, Select Supplier, and Plugin Settings—each containing actions and configuration values allowing for the initialization of the packages and plugins for employee screening. When setup is completed here, the background check providers will be available in the main application, in both the Employee Background and Background Check Request sections.
Background Check Plugins Video

Background Check Plugins Section
The Background Check Plugins section displays a grid with available employee screening providers.

Note: If your desired background check/employee screening provider is not listed, contact your Avionté support team.
Select Supplier Section
The Select Supplier section will only become available when you click Activate or Edit for a background check plugin. From this section, you can activate, deactivate, and Save a subscription for a supplier. You can also Delete a supplier's subscription, removing all associated history for that supplier.
Plugin Settings Section
The Plugin Settings section allows users to view and edit the properties, settings, and packages associated with the selected supplier. Select a supplier to make the Plugin Settings section available. The Settings/Properties tab lists the settings associated with the selected supplier.

Note: Each background check provider requires different values to be configured for them to work. These can be found in Asurint Plugin Settings - Set Up Credentials and PeopleG2 Plugin Settings - Add Credentials.
Plugin Packages Tab
In the Plugin Packages tab, you can view and add any background check packages purchased from the selected provider.

Note: The package names and IDs are supplied by the background check provider.

From the Background Check Plugins screen, you can:

Note: Any editing or entry of information for a plugin can only be done after the plugin has been installed and either the Activate or Edit button has been clicked.


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