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End Assignment Wizard

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The End Assignment wizard appears when an assignment is ended. 


Some fields will auto-populate according to assignment data. Complete the unpopulated fields (marked with an asterisk) according to these definitions. 

Customer Name Name of the customer to whom the assignment was associated.
Department Name The specific customer department to which the work was assigned.
Job Title The title of the assignment's role.
Wc Code The Worker's Compensation code linked to the assignment.
Order ID The unique ID associated to the assignment's order.
Assignment ID The unique ID associated to the assignment.
* Performance The quality of work performed by the assignee i.e. Excellent, Good, Fair
* End Reason The reason the assignment ended.
* End Date The date the assignment ended.
* Note A free-text field reserved for notes about the assignment.


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    Kevin Tompkins

    To further clarify context here, this wizard allows you to end an assignment from Time Entry. The End Assignment wizard is only available in Time Entry > Sheetview. When you right click on the transaction and select End Assignment, this wizard will appear.

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