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Admin Tools: MarkUp

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A markup is an increase to an original value. The MarkUp functionality in Admin Tools is used to manage markups on elements such as pay rates. Markups can be created, edited, and assigned to branches. 


How to Add a Markup

  1. Click Add New. All the fields in the lower portion of the window will clear.

  2. Complete the fields as necessary:

    • MarkUp Name: Enter a name for the markup.

    • MarkUp Description: Enter a description for the markup.

    • MarkUp Setup: Enter or select the necessary values for the markup.
      Note: The items in the dropdowns are selectable, but not editable.

    • Shared By: Select which branches the markup will be available in.

  3. Click Save to add the markup to the upper grid.

How to Edit a Markup

  1. Select the desired markup. The fields in the lower portion of the window will populate with the correct information.

  2. Update the information as needed.

  3. Click Save to update the markup.

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