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The Share Employee option of the Actions menu allows you to share the current employee with other branches. If "Share Employee" is not available to you in your Employee > Actions drop-down, you may need to turn on the Config Option - emp_ShowEmployeeNode  in Admin Tools > Config Option.
  1. Click the Share Employee option on the actions menu. The Share Contact wizard displays. 

  2. Select the branch, or branches, to share with the contact by placing a check in the box of the corresponding cell of the Select column.

  3. When the branches have been selected, click the Finish button to share with the branches and close the wizard.

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    Ryan Jackson

    Hey guys,
    I think this article would benefit by displaying the config option property that controls the visibility for this ShowEmployeeNodeForm.

    It took me quite some time to locate, so i figured others could benefit by having it linked.


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