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Admin Tools - User Tab - Web Login User

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The Web Login User Login allows a user to create credentials to log into Avionté related external applications such as the mobile sales app.

Avionté provides this web login management interface in multiple areas of the application. The role of the user being managed depends on where the Web Login User is accessed.



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    Jazmine Cordaro

    A user who does not have access to Admin Tools can give them self a password or reset their password if they get an "Authentication Failure" message when trying to log in with Outlook Connector. Here is how you do that:
    - Log into Avionte
    - Start Page
    - Actions Menu
    - Web Log in
    - Change the password there
    - Finish
    Then you can use that password to log in with the Outlook Connector.
    What does need to happen in Admin Tools - the Admin Tools user need to make sure that they give the user trying to access to Outlook Connector a Web Role of OutlookAddInUser - this is the only part that cannot be done from the actions menu - web log in.
    Thank you! :)

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