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Admin Portal - Overview

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The Admin Portal is the "master" portal which controls the configuration, settings and available documents and options in the other Avionté portals. This portal is only accessible to users who have their credentials configured within Avionté with the web user role of Admin. 

When a user logs into the Admin portal they will be directed to the Home page which contains the following sub-menu items related to portal and web configuration.


Menu Allows for pages to be made visible, or invisible, within different portals.
ConfigChoice Mapping Allows for the mapping of Config Choices from the Core App for use within the portal.
User Report Used to generate reports relating to Web users.
Portal Property Contains all of the settings for configuring the various portals.
User Counter Allows for the selection of counters to display for Customers and Vendors within their respective portals.
Security Questions Allows for the choosing of what security questions are available for employee and applicant usage when creating their online account.
Login As Allows for a user to log in as another user (including applicants and employees) to view the various portals from their perspective.
Branch Property Allows for the selection of some properties on a per branch basis. To remove an item from view in a branch, un-check the box next to the corresponding branch.
Email Format Allows for HTML customization of any email generated from the web portals.
Applicant Workflow Controls if, and what, pre-screen questions will display for applicants.
Skill Category Mapping If a site uses skill category names that differ from the default, these can be linked on this page.
Skill Mapping If a site uses skill category names that differ from the default, these can be linked on this page.
Past Job Setup Allows for details pertaining to past jobs to be required when entered by applicants or employees.
Counter List Displays default, and provides for the entry of customized counters for use in the web portals.
Update Account Edit or view the current user's username, password, and security questions.
Feeds Setting Manage or add Feeds within the web portals.

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