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Admin Tools: Search Type

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The Search Type section in Admin Tools enables the addition of new search types and the ability to make existing search types visible.



Add a Search Type

Note: In order for the added search type to function correctly, a corresponding entry must be made in the search procedure. Contact your Avionté support team for more information.
  1. Navigate to Start Page > Actions Menu > Admin Tools > Category = System > Search Type

  2. Click Add New. This will clear all the fields in the lower portion of the window.

  3. Complete the fields as necessary.

    • Category: Select the category the search will appear under.

    • Search Type: Enter a name for the search type. This must correspond with a previous addition to the search procedure.

    • Input Mask: Enter the input mask for the search type.

    • Country: Enter the country the search type will be applicable to.

    • Is Default: Mark the box if the search is a default search type.

    • Shared By: Select the users able to view and use the search type.

  4. Click Save to add the new search type to the upper grid.




Disable a Search Type

Available search types can be hidden from view by a user or group.

  1. Navigate to Start Page > Actions Menu > Admin Tools > Category = System > Search Type

  2. Click on a search type in the upper-grid to select it.

    • By default, the group that can view that search type is displayed in the Shared By area below. 

  3. Click a check mark next to a group to remove the group's access.

    • To remove access from a specific user:

      • Click "User" above the Shared By area.

        • A list of users will populate in the Shared By area.

        • Click a check mark next to a user to remove the user's access.

  4. Click Save.

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