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Job Board Portal Config Option - Web_Allow_PartialApplicantToApply

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The Web_Allow_PartialApplicantToApply property allows or disallows applicants to partially apply for jobs on the job board. Partial applicants are those applicants who do not complete the online applicant process fully (not up to the point of clicking the Submit button).

Note: To enable the viewing of partial applicants in the Employee section's Search page, the Admin Tool Employer>EmployerSetting config option ViewPartialApplicants must be enabled.

Web_Allow_PartialApplicantToApply properties

Property location: Avionte Admin Portal > Portal Property> JobBoard portal
Default: False
Valid values: True: Partial applicants are allowed
False: Does not allow partial applicants. The application must be completed and submitted in order for that applicant to appear in the Employee section.
Where the setting is reflected... Employee Section and the Employee Search page

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