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How do I end an assignment?

An assignment can be ended several ways:

  • Assignment section: For a selected employee, click the Detail submenu option, choose a Performance reason, then select an End Reason and enter an end date.
  • Order section: With an order selected, choose End Order Assignment. A window displays that lists all assignments under the order. Choose the assignments to end, and indicate their end date, performance reason, and end reason.
  • Time Entry section: In Sheet View, Card View, or Split View, you can right-click the transaction and choose End Assignment.


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What is the difference between Customer Candidates and Order Candidates?

Customer candidates do not need to be related to a particular order whereas order candidates are order-specific candidates. The idea is that maybe you have a great candidate, but no open orders to vet this candidate against right now. You can make the applicant a Customer Candidate to still capture that they would be a good fit, and then when an order does come in, you essentially have all of those employees already picked out, or at the least, a short list of potential good fits.


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What are geocodes (aka Geo Codes or GeoCodes)?

Geocoding is the computational process of transforming a description of a location (usually represented by a postal address) to a location on the Earth's surface in the form of a numerical coordinate. A computer can recognize a specific spot on the earth based on a geocode.


A precise address must be entered into the Avionté application so the system can accurately determine the geocode for the address. As an example, when an address is entered for an employee, contact, etc., and a suggested geocode is not populated, the entered city may be that of a nearby large city, when the actual, precise city is a suburb of the larger city. 


Applications like Avionté and Vertex use geocodes to identify a location then determine the tax withholdings for the employee and the employer to ensure correct tax payment.


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Why would I "override" a geocode?

When overriding the resident GEO code, the system requires that employees are paying the worksite state’s withholdings.


When overriding worksite GEO code, the system uses withholdings from the employee’s resident state. This is especially important if the worksite is in a state in which there are no state withholding taxes.


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Why use markups?

When creating orders and having this information in the Order options section, markups help create orders more efficiently - resulting in less errors when filling assignments. 


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Why do multiple orders have to be created for the same customer?

Multiple orders should be created for the same customer so metrics can be focused, reports can be categorized, and specific activity can be monitored.

A new order should be created for each customer request by job title, and at times by shift (the exception is if they are using the schedule grid).


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What is the logic behind the Open Orders counter?

This will pull any orders that have a status that implies Open (which is set up in the ConfigChoice Property for Order_Temp Status) and a True/ False in the property. This configuration will not show Open Temp Orders, but will n not show Open DH Orders. Avionte can add an Open DH Order counter as well.


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Why are Skill Codes important?

Skill Codes generate better matches for each job and close orders faster. The more skills included for an employee, the better chance for a match when running auto-matches to find candidates for an order.  


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Why don't parsed applicants have any skill codes in their records?

It is most likely because Users are not mapping skills when they parse resumes. Users must first create skill mappings befor parsing resumes into the system. In general, it takes about 50 parsed and mapped resumes to get a good mapping system in place.

It is also good practice for the Administrator to periodically check the Resume Term Mapper section in Admin Tools to find out what is mapped, create additional mappings, and perform general clean up.


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What is the logic behind the PO Warning counter?

The PO Warning counter may display less items than are actually available in the Temp_Order Search screen.

This is because the counter is pulling up all orders associated with a PO that have triggered a warning. The warning count is derived from the amount that is left, not the amount used.


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Can a WC code be applied so it attaches to all orders for a customer?

Yes. Navigate to Main Menu > Customer > Order Options > WC 


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