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Outlook Connector FAQ

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Application Support Series: 
Outlook Connector 
This article is part of series that describes the process of installing, using, and troubleshooting the Avionté Outlook Connector. This specific article is italicized and bold in the series table of contents below. 


Outlook Connector - Setup

Outlook Connector - Usage

Outlook - FAQs

Outlook Connector Troubleshooting



Why aren't my appointments and tasks synchronizing?

Appointments and tasks do not automatically sync when they're added to Avionté or Outlook. Appointments and tasks will sync once they exist in both Avionté and Outlook.

The text at the top of the v15.2 Sync Outlook window provides a summary explanation of how Synchronization works between Avionté and Outlook.



For a comprehensive explanation of synchronization functionality, visit the Sync and Add Appointments section of the Outlook Connector - Usage article for step-by-step instructions explaining how to add and sync appointments and tasks.


Note: After a change is made to a task or appointment, the change may take a few minutes to process in Outlook.




Can Avionté's Outlook Connector be added to Office 365 or only Office 2010/2013?

The Avionté Outlook Connector can be used with Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365. Office 365 (back end) is supported which utilizes Outlook 2010/2013/2016 (front end.)


Visit Microsoft Office Support to set up Office 365.



What are the benefits of using Outlook with Avionté?

The integration of Microsoft Outlook into the Avionté application enables:

  • Synchronization of Outlook and Avionté calendar appointments as well as scheduled tasks
  • Resume parsing 
  • Message logging
  • Record creation


Can I save my password stored for future use? 

Users can save their password when logging into Outlook depending on the version of Avionté and the Outlook Connector that they use. Users who have Avionté versions 15.2 and newer and Outlook Connector version have the ability to save their passwords. This feature is not available for Avionté versions 15.1 and older that use Outlook Connector version

When logging into the Outlook Connector, place a checkmark in the "Save Password" box on the login window. If this box is checked, the user will not be prompted to enter the password for each new session of Outlook. 

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