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12.1 Release Notes

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New Features

Changes in this Release

Limitations & Restrictions


New Features




Outlook Add-in

The Microsoft Office Outlook add-in allows users to perform the following:

  • Parse resumes through Outlook emails and attachments.
  • Sync tasks and calendars between Outlook and the Avionte Core application.
  • Attach emails in Outlook as messages to Employee/Contact of the Core application.
  • Create new employees/contacts from Outlook emails.

This add-in needs to be installed by the user. Once installed, the menu bar of Office Outlook will display “Avionte”.


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Scheduler (Employee, Order and Customer)

Another new feature added in this release is scheduler. This feature, added to the Employee, Customer and Order sections, helps users create schedules, specify the availability or unavailability of the employees on a particular date or range of the dates, and view availability and assignment schedules of employees.

This feature makes it easy for users to check the availability and assignment status of employees by just viewing the calendar. All the assignments, order candidates, and customer candidates can be viewed at a glance while navigating through the calendar.


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Mass Update

In the existing Core application, it is a bit cumbersome to update, insert, delete, or copy a bulk of transactions, as one has to update, insert, delete or copy the transactions one-by-one from the Sheet View section. Taking this into consideration, Avionte is introducing Mass Update as a new feature.

This feature allows a user to update, insert, delete, or copy bulk transactions all at once from the Sheet View section of the Core application, thereby minimizing the time spent modifying bulk transactions.   


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Data Frenzy

Data Frenzy is the global leading job distribution (job aggregator) and resume management company. They have continuously incorporated the newest technologies to drive efficiencies in the recruiting process. Resumes from numerous job sites can be accessed through Data Frenzy. With this release, Avionte Core application integrates with Data Frenzy, allowing users to search and import any resumes from Data Frenzy which are linked to numerous global leading job sites.

Once the resumes are imported from Data Frenzy, these resumes can be parsed in Avionte’s Core application.


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Sales Mobile Application

Another major feature encapsulated in this release is Sales Mobile App. This is the portal designed for mobile phones through which users can search customers, employees or job orders, view their information, and create messages, tasks, and appointments.


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Message Center

Message Center is another new feature that displays announcements, messages attached to the users, and counter alerts in the form of a message that pops up depending on the time interval set up in Message Center form. The pop-up messages alert users with counter information on a timely basis. Message Center also allows users to send instant messages among other users.                 


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Changes in this release

Release 12.1.0 includes numerous changes and fixes.  Table 1 describes the major fixes included in this release for the Avionte Core application, and Table 2 depicts the major changes and fixes for the Web application.


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Table 1 – Avionte Core Application Changes

Ticket #



Feature to show last four numbers of the SSN in employee summary screen. For this, the property value has to be set as EmployerSetting>>ShowOnlyLastFourDigitSSN = true and EmployeePermission>>AllowChangeSSN = false.


In the previous versions, only standard XML documents were allowed to be uploaded but in this version Report Definition XML files are also allowed to be uploaded. This can be done from Admin Tools >> Report >> Report Definition tab.


Feature to log a message automatically to corresponding assignment, employee and order whenever an attendance code is changed in roster section.

This feature can be accessed by setting the property EmployerSetting >>  LogRosterAttendanceCodeMessage = true. Description is currently collapsed. Click to expand. By default, the value for this property is set to false.


Ability to show GrossYTD amount that was earned in the staffing supplier of the current paycheck. This amount depicts the total gross amount that is earned from the beginning of the year till date. Previously, only Gross amount and Net amount are shown in paycheck.


Add auto match in Schedule Calendar and Schedule Grid of Temp Order. This will help in searching employees, customers or orders easily based on criteria provided.


In the current system, the tax forms are downloaded as soon as they qualify for tax credit. Most of the times when staffing companies are verifying if an applicant qualifies for tax credit, that employee may or may not still have become an employee.

If this person qualifies for tax credit, it auto downloads the tax credit forms in PDF format. But if the staffing company never hires that person, these downloaded documents won’t have any purpose.

So, a user prompt has been added asking for the applicants if they want to download the forms thereby restricting these documents to be downloaded without any purpose.


In the current system, while creating 8000 + transactions simultaneously in time entry section, some timeout errors come up thereby slowing down the system. The issue has been identified and rectified as well in the new version. This is due to a query which was taking quite a time to execute. This has been resolved now.


Counters provide the total figures of any detail. This allows the users to have a quick view on those details and get the total no. at a glance. Upon clicking on those counters, it redirects to the detail page. In this course, in addition to other counters, this version has come up with two other counters which are 'My Branch Open Orders' and 'My Branch Open DH Orders'.

'My Branch Open Orders' counter lists all those open temporary orders of a specified branch whereas 'My Branch Open DH Orders' lists all those open DH (Direct Hire) orders of a specified branch.


Counter for Worker compensation claims Section is also added. This shows the total pending compensation claims. This is client specific meaning that if the client wants to have this feature, then this can be added otherwise it is not available by default.


Allow posting any order to web portal. This can be achieved from Order>>Actions>> Post Order To Web. Once the orders are posted to web, that can be viewed by the customers through web portals.


In the previous versions, deletion of certifications, requirements, and skills are allowed even if the property value is set to false for EmployeePermission property. This has been fixed in this release.

The property value can be set from Admin tools >> User >> User_UserSetting >> EmployeePermission .


During conversion of data, almost any type of files can be imported into the system now.

In import export mapping type section, two new fields FileImportAction and FIleImportType are added. Options for FileImportAction are "ImportObject" (default) and "ImportData". If "ImportData" is selected then various file types like XLS, CSV, TAB, PIPE and XML can be selected thereby allowing importing the various types of files.


Every staffing company has its own business logic to process whenever an assignment rate is added or updated. So, this version has come up with a dynamic feature which allows the staffing company to assign the customized stored procedure in a property value that best suits to their business logic whenever an assignment rate is added or updated.

This value can be set from EmployerSetting>>AssignmentRateAfterSaveSP property. By default, the value is blank and processes as per the system default logic.


In the previous versions, it was quite tedious to search even a frequently accessed report among the hundreds of other reports which are not used frequently. Taking this into consideration, this version has come up with a feature of grouping the frequently accessed reports under “My Favorite” category so that the user can get to those required reports quickly.


Add Actions like create new employee, update employee and cancel while checking duplicate in Resume Parser section. Whenever any resume is parsed, if that resume found to be duplicate, the user is prompted with three options like create new employee, update employee, and cancel.


Proper calculation of CA OT Plan i.e., when daily hour for CA is over 12, it should be double time.


Allow inputting negative values for bill rate and pay rate in the card view screen.


Add phone numbers to Assignment section of Quick Place thereby allowing the user to make the calls to assignees without having to jump to the Employee record.


Feature to set a permission to indicate if a user can change a shift at assignment level or not. Once this permission is set, the user will be able to change a shift at assignment level.

This can be achieved from User_UserSetting>>AllowModifyAssignmentShift .


Add Nickname on Employee Advance Search. This allows the user to search the employees even by providing criteria of nickname.


Ability to check duplicates Employee SSNs under the same Supplier or branch.


Ability to add a new transaction type in an order and have that added transaction type flow down to all assignments on that order. This can be achieved by setting the property BranchSetting>>PromptOrderToAssignmentRateChange = True.


Task Screen is modified so that more items can be displayed on the grid and the user can filter and group by task associated with contact, customer or employee.


In the current system, any transaction can be searched regardless of accounting period. This has made all the transactions regardless of accounting period are displayed in Time Entry section. But now the system allows searching for only those transactions that belong to current accounting period in Time Entry section.


In the current system, it doesn’t allow to search institutions through given text. Even though the search text is provided, it displays all the institutions regardless of the provided search text. This issue has been resolved in this version.

This can be achieved from candidate>>education>>institution search.


While placing a candidate for DH order, if the sum of amount is not equal to fee amount, the system now warns through data requirement message (DRM) instead of error messages. This allows the user to control on this DRM i.e., either to make this DRM severe or not. In the current system, an error message is displayed which is not controllable from the user point.


Currently in the report forms, though all the lists per category are shown there is no way to know the report total or we have to manually calculate by adding up the total of all the categories. So this version has come up with the report totals at the bottom of the report forms.


Fix UI on employee tax and work history.
In Work History (customer/employee) there is “no group” by option, so it is difficult to get totals unless you filter down the way you like. A group by option is now added in both work history page.

In Employee Tax screen under tax history, it only groups by year ID. But the grouping should be done by tax category as well so that the tax amount can be summed based on tax category. So, group by tax category is also included.


Fix customer billing (Invoice to department) issue. In customer billing, if a user chooses to invoice to some other department other than the current department, then all the other options become irrelevant, yet the users are allowed to select all other options in the current version.

Now the system doesn’t allow changing any other options if a user chooses to invoice to some other department other than the current department.


Currently, while entering the message for an employee, and selecting a new employee before saving the message, the system prompts to save the message. However, the message doesn’t get saved for the previous employee but for the new selected employee.

This has been resolved in this version. Now the system saves the message for the previous employee while switching employee screens before saving messages.


Fix the issue of allowing the same image of time card to be attached multiple times for the same transaction. A message pops up upon trying to attach a same image multiple times for the same transaction.


Some modifications are done in End Order Assignment Wizard in the order section which can be highlighted as:
1) Add an error picker at the top of the grid whenever error picker is pop out in the grid so that user can see it at a glance.
2) Validation is only done to the selected assignment in the grid but not to the unselected rows.
3) Populate the default values once it is selected not when the default drop down is selected.


Add “Discard by” in payment/billing batch.  Current system does not show who discarded the batch but only tracks when the batch was discarded. Now, the user who discarded the batch is also added and shown it in batch summary screen.


Previously, there had been some issues where there were transactions with no time entry batch but had hours.

Taking this into consideration, the system now adds a message prompt stating “Please choose a batch to update transactions” while updating any transactions in time entry. This enforces the users to choose a batch before updating any transaction.


In the existing system, the system is not considering if a web transaction has been rejected or not when the week is closed.

Now, those web transactions that have been rejected are also filtered out. In addition to this, the system ignores the transactions if the ApplicationImportDate is null, the WeekEndDate is less than or equal to the accounting period date, and if the sum of the Bill and Pay Units are not 0. 


Add a feature to delete customers’ candidate records by right clicking on the mouse. This can be done from customer >> candidate record.


Previously, an error occurs randomly while reissuing the paycheck through paycheck section. This issue has been sorted out in this release.


Fix the issues in Customer section.

While entering address in Add/Edit Customer Credit Card wizard in Back Office Setup > >Credit, it allows entering the state not matching with the Zip Code. There is neither any error picker for that nor does it automatically change the state according to the Zip code.

This issue has been fixed in this release.


Fix the issue of not displaying broadcast recording instructions while using call-em-all from Quick preview section.


Whenever any transaction for DH is created, the bill rate is rounding up for some reasons. This auto rounding issue has been fixed in time entry sheet view.


In the existing system, SSN verification of the employee uses the user’s default branch rather than employee’s selected branch to determine which supplier there are in.  

In this release this has been fixed and now the verification is done based on the employee selected branch.


Feature to show all payroll transactions regardless of pay cycle setup in service info tab.
For this, “Ignore Service Info” checkbox is added under check run and agency pay. But only the users with value of true for “ShowPaymentBatchIgnoreServiceInfo” will see the check box. If this check box is checked, it will show all payroll transactions regardless of pay cycle setup in service info tab.

The property value can bet set as  User_UserSetting>>ShowPaymentBatchIgnoreServiceInfo = True


In the existing system, the users to whom the calendar is shared can also delete the appointment even though the calendar is just shared to those users.

This issue has been resolved in this version.


Previously when OT plan type is modified in card view section, OT plan is not calculated correctly. Now in this release, the system prompts to re-enter the hours when OT plan type is modified and does the calculation correctly.  


Ability to notify when a transaction in a Time Entry Batch is biweekly or on the off week, since these transactions won’t be selected into payroll or billing batches during the current week.

The notification is done with an addition of DRM.


In the existing system, the assignment dates are not allowed to edit for any inactive order. This has been resolved in this release.

Now, the system allows editing the assignment dates regardless of order status.


Ability to prompt a message “If you don't copy from an existing one you will manually have to set everything up before it will work properly. Are you sure you want to proceed? Yes or No” while creating a new user/site/supplier.
This eases to create a new user/site/supplier from the existing user/site/supplier without having to set up all the details manually.


For the config Option "AllowAlphaNumericDirectDepositAccountNumbers", the logic within the application is reversed so that if the value is true, the application will not allow alphanumeric account numbers, but if the value is false, it will allow users to enter alphanumeric account numbers.


PO Description Field Length has been increased thereby allowing the users to enter PO description of any length. Earlier, this has been restricted to 255 characters only.


When an email is sent using Employee >> Actions >> Send Email, it includes a large amount of XML metadata. This XML is invisible to both the sender and the recipient. However,   the XML does show in the print preview, and it gets printed out when the email is printed by the sender.  But the XML is not shown or gets printed when the email is printed by the recipient.

This issue has been fixed in this release.


The lengths of customer name and department name have been increased in the customer section thereby allowing the user to enter up to 100 characters.


Feature of calculating OT plans for a Canadian province.


It is found that some front end users are deactivating the direct deposits unknowingly when they still need to access direct deposits.
Taking this into account, this release has come up with a new feature to allow the user to activate or deactivate the existing direct deposit. This can be achieved by setting the property User_UserSetting >> AllowInactiveDirectDeposit =True or False. If the value is False, it does not allow the user to deactivate the existing direct deposit. When set to True, it allows the user to modify the active checkbox.


Add a new tab named “Config option by FKName” in Config Option. This allows the user to assign the config options to the selected FK names like user names.


Feature to allow the user to print the pay checks either multiple times or just once. This can be controlled by setting the property as Branch_Setting >> AllowMultipleCheckPrintPerPaymentBatch = true (by default) or false. If the value is false, the system allows printing the check only once from payroll section regardless of print without preview or print with preview and the batch gets locked.


In the existing system,  even though the property value for BranchSetting >> DefaultCustomerWeekEndDay has been set, nothing happens while creating the customers.
So, this has been fixed in this release and now the system assigns the correct day based on DefaultCustomerWeekEndDay property value whenever a customer is created.


Feature to scan the employee ID from the scanner into Quick Place once the user clicks on newly-added Refresh employee button.


Feature to send mass mail to all DH order candidates from DH order section. This can be accessed from DH order >> Candidate >> Option tab >> Action.


Similar to the employee wizard, this release has come up with customer wizard for creating the new customers.
Now all the details information of a customer can be filled at once while creating new customers through the use of customer wizard.


Fix the issue of displaying the employees under Available tab of Quick place even though the value for EmployeeCustomerDNA has been set true for that employee.


In the existing system, while creating a new transaction type in Admin >> Config Transaction Type section, pre tax deduction value is not getting saved for the first time.
This has been resolved in this release.


Add a new functionality to reply to an email from within Avionte.
Reply button is added in the toolbar of each of the main forms, such as Employee, Contact, Customer, and so on. This button is made visible only for the action type "Email" which will generate a reply email.


In the existing system, there’s an issue on the transaction card view page that when a transaction extra record is updated, the system isn’t updating the side panels information.

This has been fixed in this release.


Fix the issue of not working as tab keyword as in AR-Post payment screen, when a user hits enter key.


Fix the issue of showing config choice entries that are no longer active in the Advance Search screen.


Fix the issue of displaying different behavior in extra tab of new order wizard and order extra screen. Now the system displays the same behavior and data in both the extra tab of new order wizard and order extra screen.


Fix the issue of allowing editing shift time in new order wizard and temp order detail screen even when a customer shift is associated with it. Now, the shift time is only editable if the order doesn’t have a customer shift associated with it.


Feature to prompt to log a message whenever an assignment or order is ended.


In the existing system, the dynamic panel in Admin tools is not allowing taking panels away from users. Also, some issues are showing for empty property values.
These issues have been fixed in this release.


While trying to set the parent customer to an inactive status, the system now prompts a message thereby restricting the user to set the parent customer to an inactive status.


Fix the issue of not being able to remove the users from groups once they are placed under the groups. The system now allows disassociating the user from the groups even after the users are placed under the groups.


Add jump buttons next to the Billing Batch, Payment Batch, Check Number info in Transaction Snapshot tab of the time entry card view so that the user can easily jump to any screen.


Currently, the system is allowing editing the information even in AR batch search screen. This has been fixed now in this release.


Add search type “All contact Method” in the employee and customer search screens such that the data can be searched by any contact method.


The values of fee Percent for DH order is now shown in 2 decimal places.


Fix most of the overflow errors that occur in various sections like in order_DH >> New candidate, remarks overflow errors occur if length exceeds 255, in unemployment >> New unemployment wizard, note/document overflow error occurs if length exceeds 2000, etc.


Fix the issue that occurs while printing a check of a payroll batch. In the existing system, once we turn on "Print without preview" option while printing a check of a payroll batch, we can't revert back. It gives an exception error if we turn it off and cancel the print wizard.

Then, the message pops up as "The batch is in printing process, you can't process this batch." if we try to either process or print or post this batch. We need to discard the batch and create another batch for this transaction. This issue has been fixed now.


In the Assignment > Pay/Bill History screen there is a grand summary for the Item Pay & Item Bill columns. However, If we add the Pay Unit & Bill Unit columns to the grid from the field chooser there is no grand summary for those columns.

So, the system has now added a grand summary for pay unit and bill unit columns in assignment >> pay/bill history screen also.


Fix the PO issues in customer order option.
The issues are:

1. When you use the "Create New PO Number" button to create a new PO number, it doesn't show in the grid. You have to use Refresh to get it to show up.
2. When you use the "Edit" button on the grid, it brings up an empty wizard for a PO number. It should populate with the data from the row you clicked on it from.


Fix the issues regarding the employee tax – exemption amount for Canadian payroll tax.

Add an exemption Amount in Employee Tax. This will handle Canadian payroll tax to enter and update state and federal exemption amount. This is shown in employee tax section.

Modified tax generation method to handle and generate correct Canadian default taxes.


Add an instant pay button on Time entry batch screen so that the users don’t have to go back to Sheet view.


Add a split plan in the order >> Detail >> More info screen, and flow down to assignment section Assignment >> Detail >> More info screen so that the user can select/deselect the plan as per assignment.


Fix the issues with end order assignment.   

The issue with the existing system in end order assignment is generated when going through following steps:
1 - Look up an order with an assignment that has an end date already in that.
2 - Change the end date of the order
3 - Click yes to the message that you want to change the end date of the assignments.
4 - Click the check box next to the assignment with the end date. The end date of the assignment does not change in the spreadsheet. If there is no end date it works fine.
5 - When you click Finish, it passes the old end date not the new one. Description is currently collapsed. Click to expand.


Fix the issue of allowing editing the message even when property value for AllowEditMessage is False.


Fix the issue of allowing editing own message even when AllowEditMessage =False.


Even if the property values for AllowdeleteCertification, AllowdeleteRequirement and AllowdeleteSkills config options are set to false, currently the system is allowing deleting the requirements, skills and certifications.
This has been fixed in this release.


Add a new config option AllowModifyNonOwnerFavoriteGroup which when set to True will allow the users to add or remove entities from a Favorite group even if they aren’t the owner of the favorite group. Its value is set to false by default.


Add additional fields like job title in the grid of favorite detail page for staffing orders.


Fix the issue of overflow error of remarks of DH order candidate. Previously, the field length for DH order candidate’s remarks is 255 but the system allows entering up to 32767. Hence, an overflow error pops up.


Add some more features in Favorite section. Added features are:
Result view – few more results are shown by expanding the panel
Field chooser and filter capabilities
Section option to select the particular group by using search criteria
Totals are shown at the bottom.


Currently, if you go to an Order > Actions > End Order Assignment, you can end multiple assignments at once, however you cannot log messages on multiple assignments at once from this screen. It would be nice to be able to write one message as to why the assignments where ended, and have that message log to each assignment.

Taking this into account, the system has come up with a new feature of logging a message to all the selected assignments of an order.


Fix an exception error that appears when we try to end an assignment from Card View >> Daily and week tab from the right click of context menu.


Fix the issue of not changing the status of shortcut buttons while inactivating an action option in admin tools.


Fix most of the issues of May release. List of issues are:

1) On the customer Extra, when we type value without selecting from the list, it gives data error but doesn't let you proceed further.
2) On post Payment Wizard, if some invalid data is entered on search text it shows GUID in the search result and doesn’t let user cancel the wizard.
3) Leave posted batch open and then post a payment through wizard it doesn’t load current payment on post payment form but it keeps on showing the previous posted batch.
4) In Billing>>Billing Invoices, it does not  save the grid preferences, etc.


Fix the issue of changing the status of multiple candidates in order section at once. When only one candidate status is changed it logs a message with specific subject and body and if there are multiple candidates, then it logs a message with general subject and body.


Add a feature “Switch order Markup” whereby a user can update a markup at one place and have it updated in the order section with that markup and in the corresponding assignments. Currently user can switch from one mark up to another on right clicking them in mark up section of customer order options .The respective changes will be reflected in the order as well as assignment section.


Add a prompt message that pops up when the user doesn’t copy from existing branch/supplier or set the parent supplier while creating new supplier or branch.


Fix the issue of not refreshing UI properly in order detail. If user changes or updates order status in detail section then it is being refreshed correctly.


Add an ability in GP Calculator to filter out in WC field to make access quicker. If user has large number of WC codes then it allows user to type WC code description directly into the WC field so that required WC code is obtained.


Currently if the system is set up to automatically populate certain user types and users on the Order/Assignment; those users' Commission % column was no longer editable. Now it allows editing commission column for system entered users in customer, order and assignment.


Add this to DRM script so that it checks multiple transactions with multiple branches .This will ultimately help to avoid probable GL issues.


Fix the issue related to user group form. When we save anything in the group from Admin tool >> form, it doesn’t apply to all the users in that group. Now it helps to apply changes to all users of that group by clicking option ‘enforce group settings to all users of this group’.


Fix the issue of contact linkage to the customer even after deleting the customer link with the contact. If user deletes Contact Customer Relation(s) in contact roles in Detail screen of the Contact, now the Customer is not being linked in the Customer/Agency Info section. Also, when an Order is created from the Contact or a message is logged from the Contact, it isn't linked to that Customer record.


Added a feature to select the candidate and be able to email resumes to contact role persons of that order from Order >> Candidates section. Since the contact roles in order are related with the customer, it emails resumes from Order-Candidate screen directly to customer contacts as well.


Fix the issue of not prompting any message while sending the email from favorites as well as mass mail section even though the recipients’ don’t have email address. 


Fix the issue of not allowing employees to be added to favorite group and to send emails other than from active available employee tab. Now it allows sending emails and adding them to favorite group from other tabs in Quick place employee section.


Fix the issue of Advance search not working with respect to the search options settings in all basic searches like employee, customer etc. even after checking “Use Search Option” checkbox. Now while doing advance search by checking “Use Search Option” checkbox, it does respect the search option settings of the basic searches.


Feature to open outlook from Avionte. New menu item in the Start Page from designer view called Open Outlook helps to open outlook without affecting application.
It opens only when User set true value for UseOutlook from user setting.


Add a field chooser feature so that the column can be selected or deselected in employee skill, customer skill, order skill, etc. as per user’s selection.


Fix the issue of allowing editing the check number and check date in the grid of reversal paycheck and void paycheck wizard. Now those columns in the grid are non editable.


Fix the issues of AR section like

1. There is no filter row in AR search grid.
2. Save message/cancel button isn't working in message section of AR.
3. Message section can be accessed without selecting any batch and appears as below.
4. Message is not saved.
5. AR section cannot be navigated on double clicking from other section.


Add ability to modify the Resume Property column from Admin Tools -> Resume Import -> Resume Import Category.


Shows dresscode text  in customer address.


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Table 2 – Web Application Changes

Ticket #



Fix the issue of the visibility of the applicant portals pages that have their IsVisible box unchecked.


Fix the issue of wrong bill rate on Job orders.

The bill rate in both the sections summary as well as Order info are now calculated on the basis of Agency fee stated in the Customer >> Agency section. The percent that we enter in the Agency fee is deducted from 100% and that % of bill rate on the order is visible as bill rate on vendor portal.

For Example: If agency fee is 20% and bill rate on the order is $12 then the bill rate would be (100-20)% of $12 i.e. $9.60.


Add a feature of sending the notification for email sent on “Forgot Password”. The notification can be set as required by entering the value of property “Web_Login_Recover_text” which is customer portal property.


Add a feature to redirect to job specific URL after applying the job from web by applicant/employee.  They will be redirected to the URL mentioned in the Post Order to Web wizard in Order section of core application.


Add a feature to make GeoCode required for customer portal. This can be accessed by setting the property” web_customer_employee_geocoderequired” as true.


Fix the issue of deleting the hours but not recalculating the weekly totals.


Add a feature to allow the employee to do online time entry. This can be achieved by setting the property web_AllowEmployeeOnlineTimeEntry = true in Customer > Sales and Service > Web Option of Core application.


Fix the issue of not allowing uploading the documents with .DOC or all capital letters in applicant portal.


Add a feature to change the level of time card status. This allows the user to control on submit or approve button from the summary section of time entry. This can be accessed by setting the properties:





Added a next link in the bottom of summary time card there by allowing the user to jump to the next already created time card if it exists.


Fix the issue with Google Maps via portals. Now when clicking on Google Maps, the address that is sent is work address information. It includes Street 1, City, State and Zipcode.


Fix the vendor portal issue, which a user used to get while submitting a candidate to an order.


Add a new feature in admin portal >> Menu section, which allow user to hide/show menu items by branch. EEO can be hidden from that setting.


Add a property to allow the users to update SSN on the employee portal. This can be achieved by setting the property Web_Employee_AllowUpdateSSN = true and if SSN is empty it does not allow to proceed.


Add a branch name in the emails that the web portals send out, which is meant for Branch users.


Fix the issue of multiple assignments in Time clock. The page after login now shows active assignments of an employee along with information like Assignment ID, Job Position and Details - Details showing Start Date of an Assignment and Department Name.


Add a feature to make the order type invisible on the job detail screen using 'Web_JobBoard_ShowOrderType' property by setting its value to false.


Fix the issue with job board in May Patch. When applying to a job thru the job board and clicking submit button, it says thanks and then redirects to the job board detail. This causes an error because of an unrecognized GUID format. When I looked the cookie WebJobGUID was never saved. This has been fixed now.


Add a feature to allow only those documents with property 'IsWebVisible' and value ='True' are made visible for the customers to see through Portal.


Fix the issue of improper validation of SSN in applicant portal. Now, it does not users to enter  ‘0000’ as the last four digits of their SSN.


Add a feature for Spanish mapping in applicant portal for submittal page. If 'Web_Submit_Show_NotAgree_Option' webproperty is set as True, then 'I agree' and 'I do not agree' text is set as Web_Submit_Option_Text and Web_Submit_OptionNotAgree_Text webproperty values respectively. If these property values are not set then it maps with LanguageMapping.


Fix the issue related to customer portal >> candidate documents.

When you are running either Windows XP or Windows Vista you are able to break the portal. Here are the steps:
1. Login to Customer Portal
2. Find a job order
3. Find a Candidate
4. Click on Candidate detail
5. Click and open a document
6. It asks you to click something on the top bar to download
7. Download and hit open document
8. Document opens
9. Close document
10. Close pop up window
11. Click any link on the portal
12. You get a white screen and are stuck and need re login again.


Add a feature to calculate partial hours (partial punches) of Time entry sections.


Fix the issue of not displaying the rejected candidates from the customer portal in the rejected candidate section. The rejected candidates from the customer portal are now displayed in the rejected candidates section in vendor portal.



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Limitations & Restrictions

Limitations of the new features included in Avionte Release 12.1.0 are identified below.


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Outlook add in

Currently, while syncing the tasks and appointments between office outlook and Core application, the data is synced from Core application to office outlook but not from office outlook to core application. However, while creating any task or appointment in outlook, the system does show a confirmation message thereby asking the user to sync the data to core application.



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