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Employees Tab

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The Employee section of the Vendor portal allows users to view and add employees associated with them.


Employee List

This contains a search able grid of relevant employees.
Search Options This menu starts minimized and contains the variables for searching available employees.
Employees Grid A grid of the employees available to this user on this portal.

Rows Per Page: Allows the user to adjust how many employees will display on a specific page.


This options opens a portal specific and imbedded new employee wizard. New employees can be created by filling out the fields and saving.

After an employee is saved, different buttons will appear at the bottom of the page depending on the settings done in admin portal.

  • Update Employee
  • Add Document
  • Add Education
  • Add Past Job
  • Add Skill
Note: Employees created from Vendor Portal will have the vendor name as the Agency Name and the W2 box will show it has not been completed inthe Employee Summary page of the core application.

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