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AR New Batch

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Create a new AR batch with the directions below or to create a new batch using a received check. For instructions, see the AR Post Payment Wizard.

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Back Office > AR > any sub-menu item

  2. Click the New Batch icon.

    • The New AR Batch wizard opens.

  3. Populate the fields according to these definitions:

    Field Description
    Created Date This field is automatically populated with the current date.
    Accounting Period The accounting period during which this batch is being created.
    Batch Type

    A Batch Type is selected to offer a reason for the creation of the batch. A selection of Batch Type does not alter anything about the batch, rather it provides an explanation for the batch to assist in record keeping.


      • Payment - payment of an invoice; the standard, most frequent reason for generating a batch.

      • AR Adjustment - designates that an edit was made; frequently used for write offs or minor adjustments to debit or credit

      • Bill Correction - selected when a correction is made to an erroneously paid bill; for example, if a $99 bill was paid as $999 due to a typing error, "Bill Correction" batch type would be generated to adjust for the errant $900.

      • endofyear - designates that the batch was generated to clear books at year end.
    Bank The bank through which this payment will be made.
    Description A free-text field used to describe the AR batch. 

  4. Click the Finish button. This creates an active batch and automatically navigates to the Post Payment subsection. Visit the AR Post Payment help page for information.

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    Nicholas Agranoff

    This documentation should be updated to include the Line Item Type option at AR batch creation for line-by-line payment application.

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