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Actions Menu - Show Email

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The About Show Email option in the start page's Actions menu acts as a link to open the integrated email center for that user. All of the functionality that a user would expect from a standard email system are present:

  • New Email

  • Send and Receive

  • Reply

  • Reply all

  • Forward

    There are also Avionté specific functions under the email's Actions menu:

  • Save Email as Message: Saves the email message as an Avionté internal message using the New Message window.

  • Save as Contact/Employee: Saves the email's sender as a contact or employee in Avionté.

  • Link Email Address: Link this email to contacts or employees in Avionté.

  • View: Displays the emails sender's details if they are entered in Avionté.
    Note: This option will be hidden if they do not exist in Avionté yet.

  • Parse Email: Opens the resume parser and parses the text from the email.

In cases where no integrated email is present, you will get this error:

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