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Attach Timecards to Invoices

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In the Billing and Invoice sections of Avionté, users can attach timecard documents to each invoice. The supported formats for attachments are .pdf, .doc, .jpeg, .png, .tif/.tiff and .xls. The attached timecards can be viewed in Invoice Preview, or if configured, the invoice can be merged with the timecards into a PDF file.

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    Sachin Shakya

    This article says Client needs to use Invoice style "Avionté Default Invoice with TIME Card." in order to attach time card. But actually our standard Invoice style Avionté Default Invoice also handles attach time card now.
    So, i think we should not specify the Invoice style name on this article.
    Also, In order to use this feature for PDF files, client will need to set Config option: MergeInvoice&AttachmentPDF to be True. Can we add that in this article?

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    Luke Price

    Bump Sachin's comment

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    Sean Ree

    Mary Mason of Broad Waverly Staffing staffing called, and was wondering if this feature is supported during automated billing processes. She suggested the article should be rewritten to indicate the process is a manual one.

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