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Error Message - Sequence Contains No Matching Element

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When saving an email as a message, the error message "Sequence contains no matching element" is generated.





This can be resolved by setting IsDefault property to True for the subcategory employee under Message category in the admin tool.

  1. Navigate to Start Page > Actions menu > Admin Tools > Config Choice > Choice Property tab

  2. Select "Message" from the Category drop-down menu. The grid will populate with any elements featuring "Message" as its main category.

  3. Select the branch to which the change will be applied. The grid will filter 

  4. In the grid, one message row will have "True" in the "IsVisible" column. In that row, add the value "Employee" in that row's SubCategory column.



Avionte Outlook Setup

Find complete requirements and setup instructions on the Outlook Connector - Setup help page.




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