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Sales Process Overview

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A typical staffing company sales process. 


Meet or create prospect

  • Create customer record: name, address, main number, and web address with status of Prospect
  • Create and link contact record with status of Active

Gather customer/contact information

Enter sales and service in the Sales Info Tab:
  • Sales level
  • Sales notes
  • Industry code
  • Customer type
  • Competition

Revenue opportunity

Log message for cold call or meeting

Gauge customer interest level

  • If there is no customer interest at this time, update sales level to Cold, and log message for a follow-up on the Sales Info Tab
  • If no interest ever, update sales level to Dead 
  • If there is interest, update sales level to Hot/Warm and continue to next step 
  • Run Staffing Action report to review conversations and "touches" made by sales team on the customer's account

Prepare proposal/presentation

Presentation acceptance

If rejected:

If yes, log message and attach as task for credit verification to department responsible for customer on-boarding, then move ahead to next step.

Update customer/contact record

Credit check OK?

About Customer Detail
  • Click the Credit Check counter to verify.
  • If no, log message and change status to Inactive.
  • If yes, move ahead to next step to activate the customer record.

Activate customer record

Place order when complete

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