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Config Option - UseOTPlan2

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The UseOTPlan2 property is used by Avionté to configure overtime plans.

UseOTPlan2 properties

Admin Tools location Config Option > Supplier > EmployerSetting
Default False
Valid values True: The setup for this plan is used.
False: The setup for this plan is not used, and the normal OT Plan will be used instead.
Where the setting is reflected... Does not appear within user interface, but is used to determine the overtime setup to use.

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    Travis Brown

    While this article explains the True/False usage of this ConfigOption, is does not detail any situation this ConfigOption applies to or when it would be one value or the other.

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    Marta Cooke

    OTPlan2 contains most of the logic for Weighting. If an employee is on two or more assignments in the same work period, with different pay rates, and they incur overtime, the OTPlan2 logic will account for that. If no weighting is required (NOT ADVISED: please check with your legal council), this property can be set to false.

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