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Company Search

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The Company section shares some common search functionality with other Avionté Web Platform areas. The search field, saved searches, and basic filter operation are used in all areas of Avionté Web Platform. Visit the Avionté Web Platform Search - General help article for information about search functionality common to all areas. 


This page details search functionality specifically in the Company section.





Filters narrow down search results to include only those results that meet selected criteria. The search function in the Company area features its own filters designed specifically for characteristics of that area.






Filters search results to only display Companies based on their assignment to supplier or recruiting agency branches.


Filters search results to only display Companies based on their current status. Status can be configured by your administrator.


Filters search results to only display Companies according to a location radius. The Company's location is determined by their main address, and will search on that ZIP code.

The mileage buttons designate a radius around the ZIP code's central point as determined by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The radius will include the entire ZIP code in which the central point is found and if the radius encircles another zip code's central point, then the results will also include that ZIP Code. 

Note: Canadian postal codes are not yet included in this search.


Filters search result based on the state entered in the primary address for a company.

Account Manager

Filters search results to only display Companies based on the selected Account Manager. 




Save Search

Once a search has been performed, it can be saved for repeated use. 

  1. Enter search terms.

  2. Select Apply filters.

  3. Click Save Search.

  4. Enter a name for the saved search in the Save Search window. 

  5. The saved search is now select-able from the search drop-down menu, by clicking the  to the right of the search field.

For more information on Saved Searches view the Avionté Search - General help article.




Boolean/Advanced Companies Search

Boolean - also referred to as Advanced Search - is a type of text search that combines keywords with operators such as AND, NOT, and OR to refine search results. 


As an example, the phrase "alaska AND mechanic" entered into the Companies search field will generate all Companies records containing both words.


Visit the Avionté Web Platform - Search General help page for details about Boolean expressions and explanations. 




Field Searching

An Avionté Web Platform page is made up of fields which contain the various pieces of information about a Company, Contact, Order, etc. The Company section has specific names for its fields including "branch," "companyId," and "status." Additional field names are shown below in the Companies Field Names table.


Specific searches can be performed by entering the field name followed by a value. For instance, the phrase "company: deluxe" entered into search will generate a list of companies containing "Deluxe" in the Name field. The field names are not case-sensitive and can be entered into the search field with or without capitalization. 

To view all available fields, enter a colon (:) into the search field.



Element Description
accountManager The name of an agency account manager associated with the company.
branch The name of a specific agency branch with which the company interacts.
company The name of the company.
companyId The unique identifier of the company.
department A specific department within the company.
lineOfBusiness A specific line of business within the company.
status The current status of the company.
summary The summary content about the company.
type The type of company (i.e. - "franchise," "national,"). Type can be customized in the core application under the Config Choice for Customer. Core app Customer = Avionté Web Platform Company.

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